My Twelve Rules of Life

This post was inspired by Craig Ballantyne who is an incredible fat loss coach and also the writer for one of my favorite sites, Early To Rise.

The idea here is that everyone should create their “rules” to live by. The more rules and standards that you have for your life, the less you have to deal with making small decisions. If you have hard and fast rules, things either line up with how you want to live, or they don’t.

I’m not a vegetarian. I love steak, bacon and all things meat, so obviously that wouldn’t fit for me but the idea that a vegetarian’s rule is “I don’t eat meat” makes life much simpler and easier. There is no temptation for eating a burger when everyone else is enjoying one. They just don’t do it.

Here are my twelve rules of life:

1. I will not skip a training session as long as I’m physically able to perform it.
2. I say no often instead of saying yes and then regretting something I do not want to do.
3. I will always end each day asking myself “was I good to other people today and was I good to myself?”
4. I only check email twice each day, once after I complete all my major morning tasks and once at the end of the day to answer any client or business questions
5. I do not blame anyone for my circumstances, good or bad. If I want something to change, I will take action.

6. When I feel anxious, I will take action on something, even a small task.
7. I will act polite and courteous to everyone I meet.
8. I give positive energy to everyone that I connect with each day.
9. I only surround myself with positive and motivated people. I have cut all energy sucking vampires out of my life.
10. I stick to my nutrition plan 6 days each week. I eat protein, vegetables and healthy fats and I will have carbs on the days I lift weights. On day 7 I enjoy my favorite foods in moderation.
11. I will not be the person I do not want to be. I will not blame others, I will not be petty, I will not be passive aggressive, I will stand up for myself and I will separate myself from any temptation to stray from these.

12. Every day I will complete one task that makes me a better person, better business owner and moves me closer to the person I want to be.

This is a really cool task and I encourage you to try it out. Think about what rules you need and want in your life to make things simpler and allow you to make fewer decisions.

Leave a comment below with a rule or two that you are going to use and then start making your own list of twelve.