My Friend Jay Cavanaugh Starts Training

I’ve got a really awesome treat for you today. Over the next few months we’re going to follow a really kick ass guy on his journey to fat loss right here on my blog.

About a month ago I was chatting with my friend Jay, whom I met in one of Ryan Lee’s business mentoring programs. Jay is an eye doctor by day and an avid photographer who ALSO races motorcycles. He was telling me how he really wanted to start kicking ass in his races and was currently around 230 pounds and looking to drop to about 205 by his first race in April.

He asked me if it was possible and if I might be able to help.

Hell yeah.

So Jay drove from his home in Connecticut to my gym in Somerville and we chatted about his goals and I put him through his first training session and sent him on his way with Phase #1 of his training plan.

To start out our focus was building endurance and developing a base of strength. Jay had done some training before but to my absolute delight he had never done any kettlebell training before.

Oh hell yeah, here we go.

I love kettlebells and I told Jay eventually he would learn to love them too.

The major focus of the first phase of lifting was three days of full body strength including compound movements like Body Rows, Dead Lifts, Goblet Squats, Push Ups, Overhead Presses and some single leg work with Bulgarian Split Squats. We were going to hit the core with stabilizers such as elevated planks and Roll-Outs on the Physio Ball.

During all of this torture Jay has been kind enough to send me some awesome pictures and videos so we’ll document everything for you over the next few months.

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Here’s a video of Jay having one last cheat meal before starting the training program….



Here’s a video of Jay dominating his favorite treats by NOT eating them….


Jay’s Old Fridge….

Jay old fridge



Jay’s New Fridge…..

Jay new fridge