How to Train Your Abs Without Crunches


Just when I think crunches have made their official exit from the fitness world, I get jolted back to reality.

There they are. Making their debut for the millionth time in a “toning and sculpting” workout. Three words I hate….crunches, toning and sculpting.

Why do I hate them so much? Basically because they give women false hope. I’m not going to dive into toning and sculpting today but I will rip into “crunches” a little bit.

Here’s the main reason why crunches don’t work. Most women have some body fat to lose. Let’s be honest here.

If you have some body fat around your middle to lose, you can do crunches til you’re blue in the face and that won’t actually burn the fat. In order to lose fat you have to challenge your body with larger muscle group exercises that stimulate your metabolism so you burn fat when you’re NOT training. You also have to supplement that training with spot-on nutrition.

Hell, it’s not easy.

So how do you actually train your abs? Well you’re in luck. I wrote an article about a week ago for Fitness RX Magazine where I outline exactly how to train your abs without doing any crunches. Pretty sweet.

Be sure to check out this article, implement some of these exercises and be sure to Like or Share it so you can help out a few friends.

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