How to Rock at Push Ups


I hope you had a seriously amazing Christmas and spent some good quality time with family and friends. This year it seems a little bittersweet after the tragedies in CT but the best we can do is simply embrace every day and don’t forget to tell the ones that you love how much they mean to you.

The other thing I really believe can make a difference is feeling happy and confident about your own body. Not just how you look, but how you carry yourself and just your overall attitude about life. Exercise is the best drug for this if you ask me. Maybe you didn’t ask me, but hell, this is my blog so I’m gonna tell you 🙂

Nothing beats the feeling of a kick ass training session and pushing yourself to do something you weren’t sure you could even do.

For a lot of my clients, that thing is push ups. Push ups are a daunting exercise and if you don’t do them right, it can be an uphill battle to ever get better and see progress.

Check out this article I wrote recently for Fitness RX Magazine where I outline 5 steps to getting better (and actually rocking) your push-ups.

—>How to Rock at Push Ups

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