Enjoy the Ride

I was talking to several clients in the last few weeks about their results, measurements and progress.

We talked about how the numbers on the paper and the tape measure are just bonuses. What’s the most important thing, in my opinion?

It’s how you feel.

Do you feel strong? Do you feel more confident in your own abilities? Do you have more energy and better sleep? Are your relationships getting better?

All of these things are a bi-product of exercise and taking care of yourself. Of course you want to lose some inches and body fat, but if that’s all you are looking at, you’re missing out.

So how do you enjoy the ride while you’re traveling down that bumpy road to get to your goal?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say “I’ll be happy when….”

We’ve all done it though. The reality is that you may be happier but you won’t be fully happy just because you got that new job, got a raise, lost 10 pounds or moved into a bigger house.

Becoming a better version of yourself through exercise, training hard and eating right is much more possible than people even think.

While you are on that ride, not every day is going to be great though. Sometimes you may eat something that doesn’t align with your meal plan. You may have a sub-par training session or you may not get 8 hours of sleep. Stuff happens, I get it.

How do you respond to those days when something didn’t go right? Do you throw in the towel and abandon your healthy eating plan because you had a cupcake? Hell no. Cupcakes are delicious and if you eat one, that’s fine. Just don’t eat one every day.

Instead you just acknowledge that that wasn’t the best choice but it was your choice at the time. Then you move on.

Simple as that. Why beat yourself up over it? You get a brand new clean slate the next day.

The same thing applies to your training sessions. Did you have a rough one and not feel as strong as you wanted? That happens.

All you need to do is on the next day, remember that feeling when you felt really shitty and kinda pissed that your workout wasn’t the best. And remember that you don’t want to feel that again. Attack the workout and give yourself that nice little endorphin boost and growth hormone surge and you’re back on track.

On the other side of the coin, I want you to enjoy the ride when things are good too.

So many people have a hard time accepting that they should be happy. I’m not going to get all woo-woo here but here’s the thing, YOU deserve to be happy.

Are you kicking ass in your training?

Are you eating healthy and feeling great?

Are people complimenting you on your progress and how great you look?

You need to freakin’ own that. Don’t shrug it off and think they are just being nice. Don’t beat yourself down and think you should do better or it’s not good enough compared to so-and-so.

Screw that.

Say thank you to the person and let yourself have a little pep in your step. At the end of the day if you had an awesome day, congratulate yourself.

The ride is bumpy. It’s up and down and the goal is to just own it every day. Acknowledge the good and the bad and remember that all of those things will shape you. The ultimate 10 pound loss in body fat will not shape you. It’s just a goal. It keeps you on track, which is awesome, but it’s the little things that you do each day and how you talk to yourself that will dramatically change your life.

Here’s your homework for the next two weeks. 

1. If someone compliments you, say thank you and then really think about what they said and be happy about it. Smile and realize that it’s true.

2. When you start to beat yourself up with that little voice inside your head, tell it to shut up. Instead think about what you can do now to make it into a positive.

Remember, this stuff takes time. It’s all in the journey but training hard and eating right are the catalysts to great things in your life.

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