Durbrow Performance August 2015 Client of the Month: Katy Pan

IMG_51281. What is your hometown?

Somerville, MA

2. What brought you to DPT?

It was the end of 2014 and I realized I had no motivation to go to the gym.  When I did make it to the gym, I wasn’t giving it enough effort.  I knew I needed some guidance and accountability to get back into shape.  I found DPT and it has been awesome since.

3. How long have you been training with us?

Since December 2014

4. What do you do in the “real world”?

I’m a research leader for Truven Health Analytics.  I work to help size markets for pharma and medical device companies.

5. What is the one thing most people don’t know about you?

My friends and I do an annual pub crawl and we hit 10 years this year.  We are hoping we can make it to 21 so we can buy our pub crawl a drink.

6. What is your favorite exercise?

I think this changes with each session.  Right now I really like kettlebell swings

7. What is your biggest gym achievement so far?

It wasn’t the fastest, but pushing the sled with a person on it plus the weights

8. What inspires and motivates you?

All my fellow gym classmates.  It’s awesome to see everyone around me try their hardest to reach a higher weight, faster time, more reps.  It keeps me going when I feel like I’m ready to quit.

9. What would you tell someone who has just started or is thinking about joining DPT?

Yes!  Give it a try.  Haha, I remember when I first called and chatted with Callie I asked her “Is this Crossfit?  I don’t want to do Crossfit.”  I’m happy to say it isn’t.  I love that the gym offers both the fitness and nutrition aspect, which are both essential if you are serious about getting healthier.  The monthly seminars are helpful because it reinforces the lessons taught, start going if you aren’t already!