Cambridge Personal Training: Lift Heavy for Faster Fat Loss

A strength training post by Cambridge personal training expert Callie Durbrow

Cambridge Personal Training: Lift Heavy for Faster Fat Loss

I’m so sick of hearing women say, I don’t want to lift because I don’t want to get bulky. I have stopped beating around the bush with new clients who say this to me. You know the reason why you’re feeling bulky? It’s not the weights, it’s the layer of fat that’s still hanging around, basically over the muscle that you’re putting on.

It’s very possible (and common) to put on muscle and NOT lose fat. What that leads to is a nice bulky and thick look that women absolutely despise.

So what to do?

Well, here are 4 things you can do RIGHT NOW to help you burn fat faster:

1. Clean up your nutrition. If you need help with this then check out these resources:

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Sick of Grocery Shopping? (click here for the solution)

2. Lift weights. I’m not talking 20-30 reps with 5 pounds. That’s not doing crap for you. In our fitness camps we focus a lot on metabolic training for efficient fat loss, but we do add in some heavy lifts every week such as dead lifts, Prowler workouts and kettlebell work.

3. Drink more water. If your body is dehydrated you’re going to appear kinda puffy instead of lean and tight.

4. Get off the cardio machines. Cardio doesn’t do anything for your overall body composition (I’m talking steady state cardio here). Instead hit up the interval training, body weight metabolic circuits and sprints. Find out more about that here….

Cambridge Personal Trainer 300 pound Prowler Push


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Cambridge personal training stadium sprints

I had my own Sunday training session today, I hit up some dead lifts, chin ups with a mini band (very little assistance with this), TRX push ups, Power Wheel Abs and then a Battle Ropes finisher. Check out the video on that and leave me a quick comment on your favorite strength exercise….

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