Cambridge Personal Trainer: How to Train for Real Results

Hey Hey!

Happy New Years Eve. I hope you’re having an awesome holiday season. Yesterday Nick and I went to the Patriots game, it was cold as hell but such a fun time.

Before the game I hit up a full body training session including:

BB Front Squats
Weighted Ring Rows
DB Flat Bench Press
BB Bulgarian Split Squats
Valside Body Saws

My legs and abs are definitely feelin’ it today. After the training session I shot a quick video for you where I lay out exactly how to train each week for awesome results. Here’s how it goes down:

3 days of full body strength training
2 days of interval style conditioning
1 day of yoga
1 day of rest and recovery

Be sure to check out all the details in this video and if you know of anyone who could benefit from some structure, just link this blog post up on Facebook to help out some peeps.