Cambridge Fitness Boot Camp Fat Blasting Recipe

A fitness post by Cambridge expert Callie Durbrow

Fat Blasting Recipes from Cambridge Boot Camp Owner….


Hey what’s going on….I hope you’re having an awesome week so far. You know one thing that I hate? I hate when people say things like “only 2 days til the weekend”….so then what? I get it, you probably hate your job and hate getting up early and dealing with annoying people all day. But embrace the moment, how many days are going to go by while you just “wait for the weekend?”

I don’t know, that s*** bugs me.

Anyway….onto the task at hand today. Over the years of training clients and running boot camps I have found something that’s probably not going to be a total shocker to you but it is that nutrition is SO, SO important for real fat loss. Now I’m not talking about cutting out the morning bagel and calling it a day.

Eating healthy to really lose fat is freakin’ hard. You have to seriously work or you will always be doing “just okay” when it comes to losing fat. You’ll always have that little extra around the middle because that’s the highest concentration of fat cells and they aren’t shrinking if your nutrition plan is not on point. You’ll always look just that little bit soft and you won’t have that lean, toned look that you really want.

It’s just a straight up wake-up call for you. You HAVE to put in the work. Does it suck sometimes? Yep. It’s not all fun and eating whatever you want just because you work out-kinda thing.

Do you reward yourself for doing a good job? Yep. I have a cheat day every week. I’ll be honest though, if you are over 20 pounds over your ideal body frame, you do not get a cheat day yet. It’s just not feasible and you should instead stick to 1-2 cheat meals per week. The leaner you are, the more you can cheat. But that’s another post for another day.

Today I wanted to hook you up with a couple of cool recipes that I found for some foods that I love, and I know you’re with me on this…..peanut sauce? Hell-freakin-yeah. Anything involving peanut butter is cool with me.

The cool thing about this recipe and why it’s an awesome support for your training program is that with the almond butter and coconut milk you will get a dose of healthy fats (yep, eat them!) and then with the ginger you get a natural ani-inflammatory which can be great after a few hard core boot camp workouts.

So, here’s a kick-ass recipe from Everyday Paleo 

Everyday Paleo Thai “No Peanut” Sauce.

½ cup almond butter

½ cup canned coconut milk or coconut cream concentrate

½ cup applesauce

Juice from ½ a lime

½ tablespoon fish sauce (I used Red Boat Fish Sauce, an awesome gift from Nom Nom Paleo and this stuff rocks!!!)

1 ½ teaspoons fresh grated ginger

½ teaspoon crushed garlic

Hot chili oil to taste

You can use this for lettuce wraps, chicken or beef or even make a stir fry with some veggies and chicken or shrimp. 

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