Are You Getting What You Want? Start Examining Your Thoughts

Why don’t you accomplish what you want?

With weight loss, your career, your relationships…

You may be struggling with all of the above or maybe just one or two. Regardless of where you’re stuck, it usually comes down to the same thing.

In studying my own mindset, behaviors, habits and ultimately results, I’ve learned that it is actually very simple but we as humans tend to complicate things (more on that next week).

So what’s the secret sauce to getting what you want?

Don’t believe the stories.

What the what?

Think about it like this:

Thoughts –> Actions —> Behaviors —> Habits —> Lifestyle

When you are trying to make a change, what’s usually the first thing you think you need to change? Your habits or behaviors, right?

Those lead to your lifestyle and things like your non-negotiables, your daily practices and hopefully a happy and healthy life.

But we always skip over the beginning, which is what triggers our actions and behaviors.

Our thoughts.

Or more specifically, the “stories” that we tell ourselves, usually about why we can’t do something.

Stories are things that we have believed or simply never challenged for so long, that they just seem like the normal experience for us.

So what would happen if you just challenged the thought?

It doesn’t have to be much, just simply a yes or no.

For example: I can’t lose weight because I’m too busy to work out

Challenge the statement with a simple, is that true?

Yes or no. No stories, no spinning, no excuses. Yes or no.

That’s all it takes to start out with this, just question the thought. You might realize (as I did, many times) that you simply believe the thought because you’ve always believed it.

Is this going to change you overnight? No way. It will however get you into the mindset of challenging, examining and moving toward a different story in your head.

There it is, your challenge and homework for the week is to start questioning your thoughts and stories. Do this without judgement, just become aware.

I’ll be back next week with more about stories, how we complicate things and why this essentially makes us feel better.