Reflections on Personal Training, Life and Business

Last weekend I had the good fortune of attending the Fitness Info Summit in Orlando. It was a two day conference but I walked away from that weekend with a wealth of knowledge that I could have never imagined.

The basis of the conference was the process of developing, launching, marketing, and making recurring income from information products such as e-books, videos, and audio.

This is something that I had played around with but never really knew how to implement. What I learned was EXACTLY how to do that, and so many things way beyond that niche.

One of the best things about a conference like this is the networking aspect. On my flight and shuttle to the hotel I met a guy from my area of Boston and a guy from Denver who is originally from London. We bonded right from the start and that entire weekend was spent trading stories, bouncing ideas off each other, and sharing many a meal at the infamous hotel restaurant. I also got to meet my business coach, Chris McCombs. He is based out of California and we do email and phone coaching so it was amazing to meet him in person. He and the 4 other guys that spoke at the conference are amazing marketers and implementing just a FEW of the ideas that they spoke about can easily double or triple my business!

For the majority of my career I focused on becoming a better trainer; acquiring top-notch certifications, studying, attending seminars and conferences and learning all of the best ways to get my clients in amazing shape. While this was extremely valuable; I have found over the last 6 months that marketing and referral generation are HUGE. I took the big leap to invest in a business coach and learn from someone who has been in the trenches and can teach me what to do and how to avoid a lot of wasted time.

I have learned so much more about Google Ad words, referral generation without wasting money on marketing, developing networks, and how to get traffic to my website that I ever thought even existed. Right now I am only at the tip of the iceberg, but let me tell you, it’s kind of fun!

Developing myself into a high level fitness professional has been an amazing life experience for me. I have learned more in the last 6 months than I ever did in 6 years in the business. We all focus on our training but it’s all the other stuff that gets you the clients. Sure, you need to be an amazing trainer but if you can’t market yourself you will be broke forever.

After listening to talks about marketing, developing products, and finding a niche, I also listened to Steve Hochman speak about “Setting Your Mind to Automatic Success Mode.” This was an incredible talk about mindset, taking MASSIVE ACTION, creating positive dominate thoughts, and just kicking serious butt at whatever you do. After listening to Steve’s speech I thought about my life and here are some major take-aways from that hour and the entire weekend:

  1. Network and interact with people smarter than you. It’s crucial to success
  2. Surround yourself with positive individuals, not energy suckers
  3. Focus on what you love and don’t think for a second about what others think
  4. Don’t dwell on your “bad day.” It could always be worse and for many people, it is
  5. Do not wait for the right moment. There is never a perfect time for anything
  6. Take massive action for whatever goal you want to achieve. If you don’t, someone else will
  7. Regret over not trying is so much worse than trying and failing
  8. Reflect every day on why you do what you do. Don’t just get wrapped up in the day to day grind
  9. Make sure you tell the people around you how important they are to you
  10. Step out of your comfort zone and into the “hurt box” every once and a while. It’s the only way to grow as a person. If not you are just going through the motions

After being around all of these amazing people for 3 days I learned a lot of business tactics, but more importantly I learned how to implement EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things into my life more effectively. Leave some comments below about how you implement any of these ideas or if any of them resonated with you.