Why I’m Not Writing About Strength and Fat Loss

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Today I was all set to write about three strength workouts to get a bad-ass body. I had some cool videos for you and was going to go into some great depth about why these workouts work, how they torch your entire body and how you’re creating a post exercise caloric burn and boosting your metabolism.



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That’s not inspiring me today. I freakin’ love strength complexes and circuits but it’s just not the thing today.


Is me talking about how to do a barbell complex really going to inspire you to get out and make a change in your life and become healthier?


You want to look better? Of course you do. Who doesn’t?


I’m on a constant quest to get my body looking better and better. My nutrition has been dialed in much better as of late thanks to no longer diving head first into jars of almond butter wielding a tablespoon like a freakin’ sword.


So I like almond buttter. What? It’s delicious. But is more than one scoop each day condusive to me wanting to see my abs? Not so much.


I’ve also decided that that can’t be my sole focus forever. I needed to find my purpose because staying motivated to look f-ing awesome doesn’t last forever.


What is my purpose?


It’s pretty simple. I want to look great and I want to attack every single day with passion and energy. In order to have that passion and energy, I have to be physically fit. I have to train my body, I have to stretch and I have to sleep.




Each day I take a look at what I’m doing in the gym and I make that 1 hour “my time” to get better. I can make myself physically better by completing that particular training session 100%. I make myself psychologically better because I get blood flowing to my brain and release all the feel-good hormones that come with exercise and training. Plus it just feels awesome to pump some iron. After that training session I’m pumped up, focused and motivated to work hard on my business tasks for the day because now I can’t wait to help other people feel what I just got done feeling.


All of these things are becoming my purpose. I’m taking one day at a time and conquering that day. Then I attack and conquer the next day. Continuing like this creates a consistent string of “wins” for me.


That’s what it’s all about. If you look at the huge picture and try to conquer it, you will fail. You have to break it down day by day, action by action.


Don’t be driven completely by appearance and asthetics because that’s only going to take you so far. When you have ups and downs in your training or nutrition, you’ll probably fall off the wagon a bit.


If you have your physical focus (what you want your body to look like) PLUS your deeper purpose and passion, that will drive you through the harder times. It will get your ass out of bed on a cold, rainy morning because you know that once you get your blood pumping and the endorphins are released your entire day will be more productive, happier and you’ve taken one step closer to your purpose.


Sounds kinda woo-woo?


Don’t knock it til you try it.


Think about your purpose and your reason. Then think about that every single day and then there’s the next step, just freakin’ do it.

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More on that part next time 🙂


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