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What is Durbrow Performance Training?

The Durbrow Performance Family is a unique, tight-knit group of likeminded people who train together but also support and inspire each other in and out of the gym.

The biggest question that we get when someone is thinking of joining our crew is, “what is it like?”

We keep it really simple. We understand that you’ve been there, done that. You’ve tried a lot of diets and workout plans (haven’t we all?).

The missing link for most people is the lack of accountability and structure. You can get a diet or a workout plan on the internet for free. But how long do you stick to it?

We get that.
That’s why our simple approach is what works best for busy people, just like you.

You will come to train with us, in our group setting, 3 times per week. In those sessions we meet you where you’re at. If it’s your first day, that’s totally cool. As you build strength and stamina, you’ll progress to more challenging movements and weight. Our #1 focus is technique and making sure you feel safe, supported and challenged at your own pace. 

In addition to the three sessions with your coach and your fellow training friends each week, we supply you with some off-day workouts that you can start to build into your routine.

We also give you some nutritional guidance and support. We don’t issue you a diet plan, because each person is a bit different. You will focus on habit changes that you can build upon and sustain. 

The sign on our front door simply states this:

You Did the Hard Part. We’ll Take It From Here.

Imagine that, just showing up with an open mind and a fun spirit. We’ll instruct you, coach you, keep you safe, push you and challenge you. You’ll never have to figure out another workout plan again. That’s our job 🙂

One of our famous saying is, “we take care of you from A to Z.”

When you’re not in the gym with us, you have access to the coaches for any questions, our private members only Facebook group for support and you’ll also be encouraged to join all of our DPT challenges, team 5k’s, obstacle races and many outside activities to help foster the community bond and challenge you with new activities.

Who you can expect to meet at DPT:

A diverse group of supportive individuals from all different levels of fitness. The mission is health, strength and fitness but most importantly- overall self improvement and confidence.

Our mission is to help you create a true lifestyle change.

What does that actually mean in real terms?

  • Build Your Self Confidence
  • Challenge You Outside Your Comfort Zone (safely, always)
  • Help You Set and Reach Your Goals
  • Accountability
  • Structure
  • Purpose
  • Friendships

​This all sounds great, right?

You may also want to know that this stuff works. Well, it does 🙂

Here are some stories from local folks just like you who have seen some fantastic lifestyle changes.

I was getting tired of trying to get in shape and having whatever fad or diet I was following only work for a month or two. the support from the DPT family has made me hold myself accountable, and also made me realize that I can make these changes in my lifestyle and I don’t have to feel deprived to do it.
This is hands down the best decision that you’ll ever make for yourself. DPT is not just a gym…We are a family, and everyone wants everyone to succeed and we will do anything to help you achieve that!

I came to DPT because I needed a change in my sedentary lifestyle, and knew these workouts and this community would give me the kickstart I needed to feel more energetic, confident, strong, and get the ball rolling on some weight loss. All of those things have come true!
In the past few weeks, I’ve started to be able to lift heavier weights than I think I ever have, even when I was a college athlete. Being able to do that makes me feel like a superhero or something.

I came to DPT because I wanted something challenging and fun, where I could connect with people who lived in the area, and that was sustainable. It hit all the check marks!
I did weighted push ups the other week – I was pretty proud of myself 🙂

DPT has helped me gain a ton of confidence which has allowed me to really challenge myself. Last year I was barely walking a flight of stairs without having to catch my breath. Now I am doing races, flipping tires, pressing 50 pounds and am so close to hitting 300 pounds on the trap bar.

I am inspired by all of the kickass people around me at DPT. Going to the gym with such an incredible group of supportive and friendly people is the best motivator. My biggest gym accomplishment is being able to do Pull Ups and Chin Ups unassisted!

Heather A Manchester
Jess R Somerville
Liz G Somerville
Rochelle C Manchester
Jess A Somerville