Train With a Purpose for Maximum Fitness Results

What is my purpose in life…ahhh the ultimate philosophical question…well don’t worry, we’re not going there. But, how many things in life do we as humans do “with a purpose?” Every daily task has a reason and an end result. Minus time-wasters such as Facebook and GChat; we are trying to accomplish certain things that will lead to the end goal or result.

We all make lists, plan, and develop strategies to become more efficient. If that is how you live your day to day life, why would you pick up a random magazine and think that fitness article on page 7 will get you the results that you want?

What does that set of random exercises mean to you? It might have some effect…you will burn a few calories and work up a sweat, maybe your legs will be sore tomorrow. But then what? What was your desired outcome or goal?

This type of free- for -all training mentality drives me nuts. Obviously this is because of my profession as a personal trainer, and that I realize you need to develop training goals and break those goals down into smaller cycles to see progress, achieve results, and stay motivated.

Everyone wants to get in shape, wants to lose that last 5 pounds, wants to tighten up their abs or drop a dress size. We all have these goals, but how are we implementing them? What’s the plan of attack?

For most people it’s hopping on the treadmill for 45 minutes on Monday and then doing a few “arm” exercises on Tuesday, then repeating the cycle for the rest of the week. They read it somewhere in Shape Magazine and that program is supposed to work for them, and for the lady that is next to them on the treadmill?

Yes it’s true, there are certain aspects of fitness that apply to everyone but that’s the problem with so many fitness programs that people begin. There is no rhyme or reason. They are not developing proper intensity levels, technique, or progressions in terms of repetitions, sets, and what exercises they are actually performing.

Would you go to the internet to research how to clean your own teeth? How to service the transmission of your car? Probably not…

So why would you go to a random google site and read up on how to get in shape? You will see some benefit to that and it’s better than sitting on your butt, but will it develop into a strong and successful fitness plan? The answer is a big fat no. What WILL happen is you will get bored, burned out, or injured. You will stop seeing results because you will continue with the same routine week in and week out. You will not increase your intensity, your weight, or your speed on the conditioning exercises.

In order to see RESULTS…fitness training needs to be progressive, intensity needs to be elevated, and the amount of time that you train should probably be less than you think. How do you get all of this information in the flood of crap that you read online and in magazines?

This is not your fault however. This is the trap that our society has fallen into. Quick fixes and google are the answer to all of our burning questions. Take a step back and look at your goals first. Developing a plan of attack is best. Do not short change yourself because you will only end up frustrated.

Consult a qualified personal trainer, someone that has experience and can break down your goals, your desires, and what actually drives you to get fit. Saying you “want to get in shape” is not enough. You need to dig into your fears, desires, and wants. This will allow you to fuel the fire and to give you the motivation you need to get on a strong fitness program, and continue until that is a complete lifestyle change.

Do not approach fitness in a haphazard way. Take your health seriously. It’s not good enough to just “go to the gym” because honestly, you are wasting your time. Consult a professional as you would for any other aspect of your life.