Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Sarah Deschaine

Today’s Sunday Training Spotlight is one of my favorites. Sarah and I have been talking about doing a spotlight for months, literally. Sarah has undergone an incredible transformation in the physical sense, but her attitude and confidence is what stands out most to me. She was hesitant to write about herself but I assured her that this would be one of the most popular spotlights because of the amazing effort and dedication she has put into her new lifestyle. 

Check out Sarah D’s story here….

When my friend Chet suggested I come and try Durbrow Performance Personal Training for the  $21 for 21 days I had every intention of trying the 21 days then going back to my other gym and workouts.

Little did I know that not only would I be gaining a refreshed love for exercise and a supportive training family but no desire to return to my old gym.  I had been doing the same strength class at my gym for probably two years with the same people two days a week and never got to know any of them.  I enjoyed the trainer a lot but it was up to you to figure out when to move up in weight and no one to push you out of your comfort zone.

I grew up as the shy overweight kid and before DPT I had lost 75 lbs going to weekly meetings, eating low fat foods and counting food stats but reached a point where I couldn’t reach my ultimate weight loss goal.

The focus was always on that number.  I started forcing activity in my life as much as possible for example joined my company softball team, started running 5K races with friends and classes at my gym.  But it was still hard to make myself a priority.

Since joining the DPT family I love working out and being challenged.  I love lifting heavy and trying to keep up with the men.  I have found a little competitive side to me during the challenge months and thoroughly enjoy feeling badass.

My favorite exercises have to be those that make you feel the most badass:  the prowler, tire flipping and the battle ropes.  There is no better high on life feeling than flipping a tractor tire that weighs more than double yourself.

Here is Sarah flipping the 420 pound tire without a spot, in our Sunday Strength Session…



Since joining the DPT I have also developed a love of cooking and over this year plus have accumulated kitchen gadgets I would never have thought I would ever need and have eliminated processed foods from my normal everyday diet.  I am constantly trying new recipes and sharing my favorites with friends.

I am incredibly thankful for my year plus time at DPT.  My health and myself have become a priority.  I feel as though I have gained confidence and I look forward to every workout and being challenged by Callie and Emily.

The words ‘can’t and won’t” have been eliminated from my vocabulary and I have learned to trust Callie and Emily and try anything.  I love encouraging my fellow clients and being encouraged by them as well.

Check out Sarah’s amazing transformation….