Somerville Personal Training Client of the Month: Christine Chan

Congratulations to our May Client of the Month, Christine Chan!

Christine has been training with the Durbrow Performance family since February of 2012 and in that time has totally transformed her body. Her transformation was a bit different than some, as she was looking to add more weight and more muscle to her frame.

She started out at 106 pounds and 26% body fat. She’s now rocking a lean 113 pounds at 18.2% body fat. This just goes to show that it’s not always about “weight” loss. Making sure you drop body fat and gain muscle is the #1 goal to looking and feeling great.

Christine has also improved her strength and mobility so well that her previous knee issues and pain are almost 100% gone.

In addition to her regular two days each week with our training crew, she’s added a third day of Strength Sundays where she’s able to dead lift her body weight and do 5 hand stand push ups.

Congrats again Christine and thanks for being such an awesome part of our training team!


Christine COM