October Client of the Month: Melissa LaPorte

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Congratulations to our Client of the Month in Manchester: Melissa LaPorte!


  1. What is your hometown? Manchester, NH

  2. What brought you to DPT? Couple of things. I was feeling horrible about the way I looked and felt. I was also told by my doctors they wanted me to lose weight before pursuing the idea of a third child.

  3. How long have you been training with us? 1 Year!

  4. What do you do in the “real world?” (job, family, pets, etc)  I am an Advanced EMT with American Ambulance out of Kittery, ME. I was just recently promoted to Lieutenant. I have been married for the past 8 years and we have two boys 2 and 7.

  5. What is one fun fact that most people don’t know about you? I like to play RPG video games.

  6. What is your favorite exercise and why? I hate to say it but I love ropes! They work everything quickly and I feel bad ass doing them.

  7. What is your biggest gym achievement so far? Pushups! When I started I thought that would never happen and now I can do different types of them!

  8. What inspires and motivates you? My kids, my niece and nephew are my big motivators! I want to show them women are strong and you can accomplish and overcome anything no matter how life goes.

  9. What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining or who has just joined DPT? Just come and show up. You won’t regret becoming a part of this family.