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Cambridge Personal Training: Slide Board Training

Cambridge Personal Training: Slide Board Conditioning Training I made a quick video of our training session the other night. The major conditioning movement that night was the Slide Board. This is an awesome way to develop leg strength, stamina and lower body power. Check out the video here and if you want to get on […]

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Somerville Fitness Training: Conditioning Circuits

Somerville Fitness Training & Conditioning   Conditioning doesn’t have to be all about cardio, bikes and the dreaded elliptical. Your week should consist of 3 days of full body strength training using heavy and challenging weights. (obviously make sure your form is spot-on). In addition to those three days you want to hit up some […]

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Personal Training in Somerville: Strength Circuit with Kettlebells

Strength Circuit with Kettlebells: Somerville Personal Training   Kettlebells are one of the most bad-ass ways to train for strength and overall fitness. They are a bit tougher than dumbbells for most movements because of the way the weight is situated. KBs require you to train every muscle in your body, they challenge your core […]

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Somerville Strength Training: Walking Lunges

Somerville Strength Training: Walking Lunges   At Durbrow Performance Training in Somerville we’re all about functional and efficient training. It’s not enough to just “work out.” You need to train properly, safely and smart. The easiest way to set up your training plan is to select 5-6 exercises and perform a full body strength circuit. […]

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