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21 Fitness Training Mistakes…AVOID these if You Want to Get in Shape!

21 fitness training mistakes to avoid if you want to get in shape, lose body fat and feel great.

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How to Lose Fat with Kettlebells

How would you like a workout that will burn fat, have you huffing and puffing, will challenge every muscle in your body, and will flat out kick your butt in only 15-20 minutes? No, it’s not the latest fad infomercial on TV at 3AM. You can get all of this, and more, with kettlebell training. […]

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Why Women NEED to Gain Muscle

It’s safe to say that most people have a universal goal when they begin a training regimen. You want to lose fat, right? Despite all the garbage that you read on the internet and the cleanse commercials that promise to “rid your body of excess belly fat”…the only REAL way to achieve this goal is… Lose […]

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Train With a Purpose for Maximum Fitness Results

What is my purpose in life…ahhh the ultimate philosophical question…well don’t worry, we’re not going there. But, how many things in life do we as humans do “with a purpose?” Every daily task has a reason and an end result. Minus time-wasters such as Facebook and GChat; we are trying to accomplish certain things that […]

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Resistance Training Burns More Fat

You have all heard me talking about strength training, resistance training, and even body weight training as the #1 way to increase your metabolism, get lean and tight, and eventually lose excess body fat. So if this is so great (and believe me, it is) why are so many women avoiding the best thing they […]

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