Cambridge Personal Training Spotlight Sunday: Amber Massaro

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Hey, check out our latest Spotlight Sunday. This week we’re featuring on of our favorite members, Amber Massaro. Amber is seriously one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. We’ve spent so much time chatting about nutrition, exchanging emails, logging food and getting everything just right for her food plan. This just goes to show how important nutrition is for fat loss.

Amber has made some amazing transformations, check it out and leave her some love by clicking “Like” at the top of this page….

I’ve lost 25-30 lbs before.  Twice.  I lost 25 lbs to reach my Weight Watchers goal weight in high school, yes, high school… as a sophomore.

I lost the freshman 5, instead of gaining the infamous 15, BUT then I put on 25lbs the summer after my freshman year when I started my first real job as an intern.  I lost 30lbs on my own again, during an internship as a sophomore in college.  Both times it was about eating right and working out.  We all know the cold truth.  There is no miracle drug, powder, food, juice, etc.  It always comes down to the basics.  Eat right and put in the work.

So, it’s crazy to think that I let myself become unhealthy, yet again.  You’d think I’d learned after working my tush literally off twice.

I’ve always loved sports, specifically soccer, but I grew up “knowing” I wasn’t fast.  I was an enforcer.  I’ve had to push around the smaller strikers on the field, and at home it was my brothers and brothers’ friends.  Now I’m a Project Manager for a construction company, and again I’m the tough chic.  But when I got engaged in December 2010, I didn’t want to be the tough bride.  I wanted to be beautiful.

I wanted photos that I could look back at and see the happiness, not my flabby arms.  That’s when I saw the Buy-With-Me deal for Callie’s gym, Durbrow Performance Training.  My only regret since signing up is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Callie and Emily have helped me remember what it’s like to be an athlete again.  I know I can get healthy again without them if I had to, but I DON’T WANT TO!  They push me further than I would ever push myself and whenever I have a question, they’re right there with an answer.  And it’s not just them.

My whole experience at Durbrow Performance has been amazing.  The people I’ve met, and the friendships I’ve made have me looking forward to my workouts instead of dreading them.  We encourage each other, which I know doesn’t happen at the big name gyms.

This amazing support system has helped me help myself to a better life.

I’ve lost 30” throughout my body; 3 whole pant sizes!!!  I’ve lost 11lbs of fat and gain 15 lbs of muscle.  But it’s not just about numbers.  I eat better and feel better.  I can see the change in my performance.  I can do multiple repetitions of full push-ups, not just from my knees.  And my core has improved beyond compare.

I can’t thank Callie, Emily and my co-trainees enough!  And I can’t wait to reach my next set of goals!  Oh, and those wedding pictures…LOVE them!