Cambridge Fitness Training Spotlight Sunday: Jill Lamb



About 6 months ago we had a pair of friends join our fitness family. I had emailed with Jill several times before they actually started, going back and forth with schedules and getting them set up. Before we even met I could tell, this girl is just one of those people that’s so nice. 

When she came in with her friend Amie, I was thinking “Cool, they are both really nice and seem like they’ll be a great fit here.”

Little did I know that just a few months later these two ladies would have both transformed their bodies, become some of the best cheerleaders and teammates we could ever ask for and are two people that just love The Prowler. 

You can see Amie’s Spotlight here (click this link) and now here’s Jill to share her story….


I would say that I was athlete growing up. From the age of 9  on, I played soccer and softball all year long. I played on my school teams during the season and was on traveling teams during my off seasons.  I was captain of my high school teams and played soccer in college.  I absolutely  loved playing sports, being part of team and being active.  I was lucky enough to never struggle with any kind of weight issues growing up. I ate whatever I wanted with no consequences. (not trying to sound like I am bragging at all)

I think being active and possibly my genes played a part in that. When I went off to college, I was lucky again and never gained the freshman 15, I think I actually came back in better shape.  When I graduated I still continued on my lucky streak and didn’t struggle with weight.

But then around 24 or 25 I think my body changed and so did my habits. I had stopped being as active. I started  a relationship with an incredible guy (Jack) and we just spent a lot of time having fun together, with friends and being active wasn’t always on the top of the list of fun things to do.

I think many people can relate right?

I realized that all the fun we were having was making my pants not fit so well as did he and we started eating healthy and being active again.  A goal would be reached and then the but bad the habits always come back.

I would make excuses about not having time, family and work requiring too much of my time. But really I think I became lazy and unmotivated.  Being involved in teams before, I had built in motivation and working hard didn’t feel like it was hard if that makes sense.

I had never been a person who was overweight or struggled with fitness and then I found I became exactly that person and was so uncomfortable in my own skin.  Last year Jack and I both  decided to place health and fitness to the top of the list and I couldn’t be happier.


I saw the Buy With Me deal for Durbrow Performance Training last year and decided to grab a couple. I convinced my friend Amie  to come try it with me not knowing what to expect. After one class I believe I was  hooked. It was the type of environment, workouts and motivation I gravitate towards and more importantly needed. I can’t possibly say enough positive things about this place and experience.

I am happy and excited to go to my workouts, even on the days when I am exhausted I always feel better after a grueling but fun workout. I have trained in both Emily and Callie’s classes and love them both.  They have a unique way of training and inspiring  you. You  never feel like you can’t do an exercise even if you are having difficulty they will work beside you to adjust and make a plan so that you can complete that exercise.

I have trained mostly with Emily; she pushes me to where she knows I can go I appreciate that more than I can relay. I am a competitive person but wasn’t able to push myself on my own. I have been attending some more of Callie’s classes lately and have found the same things to be true.

Some of my favorite exercises are the kettle bells, rows, ropes (even though I used to hate them in the beginning) and The Prowler!


I never had the greatest eating habits because I didn’t know a lot about nutrition and it wasn’t a concern of mine. My mother used to tell me “ you’re not going to be able to eat like that forever” .

I would respond “ yes I am  as long as I work out”.

Well the last thing a girl wants to admit is her mother was right, but yes she was.  When I first started working out with Durbrow Performance, I didn’t follow the nutrition tips or plans.  I was eating much healthier but not like I should.

I learned from Callie that you can’t out train a bad diet and this is another thing that I am so grateful for.  I was still losing inches and some weight but it wasn’t until I started using Callie’s Metabolism plan I started to eat healthier and again and really started to see some great results.

As a girl who loves carbs, the carb cycling plan has changed my life and body. I have lost 38.5 inches and 7.2% body fat!


At Durbrow Performance Training I have found that motivation and support I used to have in sports, although it’s in a different form, I feel like I have found a new workout family. I am excited to be healthy and fit again. It’s not only the trainers that I am thankful for but also all  my other workout buddies that constantly motivate and support you.


I think everyone who isn’t already training at Durbrow Performance would be much happier if they’d come join us.