Cambridge Fitness Training Client of the Month: Rebecca Coras






October 2012 Cambridge Fitness Client of the Month: Rebecca Coras

Welcome back to another edition of our Client of the Month at Durbrow Performance Training.

This month I’m really excited about our winner. Rebecca has been training with us since November of 2011. As soon as I met her, I knew she was going to be awesome.

Rebecca reminds me of all the people I grew up with playing sports. She’s extremely competitive but she’s an amazing teammate and in our training groups that’s a perfect fit because she’s consistent about her workouts and she’s always pushing herself and others to be better.

This has helped Rebecca quickly become one of our strongest female clients. She has improved her kettlebell swing by over 50 pounds and she’s lost 15 pounds of body fat and 26 inches. Pretty freakin’ awesome.

Rebecca is also a phenomenal karaoke singer and dodgeball player. All of the reasons we love her.

Congrats Rebecca!