Best Training and Workout Songs: I Need Your Help

A Cambridge personal training post by Callie Durbrow

The Best Training and Workout Songs: I Need Your Help….


How much do you love music in your training sessions? I know at our gym we’re always going back and forth with what we want to listen to, who’s bringing in the music and who’s making fun of what’s on my iPod….

I need music when I train. Something about a good song just gets you pumped up and everyone has their songs. We have a few certain songs that are always playing that people just love and they get really into their workouts because of it.

When I’m training I love listening to Eminem, Drake, Kanye West, Metallica and a few Lady Gaga songs that get me going.

However, I am a complete creature of habit and also very lazy about changing the playlists on my iPod. I wanted to ask some help from you today….

I NEED some new songs. I scour iTunes like twice a week for some new stuff and my iPod is loaded but I love knowing what other people are playing on their iPods or in the gyms during their boot camp training sessions.

Here’s one of my playlists that I’m sure all of my clients are totally sick of now:

Screen shot 2011 03 08 at 10.51.20 AM


I like to mix up my songs with some hip hop, some heavier stuff and of course some cheesy pop.


Leave me a comment with your favorite workout and training song, or leave me a bunch and really help me out 🙂