Cambridge Personal Trainer 300 Pound Prowler Push

A workout post by Cambridge personal trainer Callie Durbrow

Cambridge Personal Trainer 300 Lb Prowler Push

Hey, what’s up….Callie Durbrow here and I just wanted to share with you the workout that I did the other day.

It was a pretty nice day and my workout partner and I decided that we should do a Prowler training session since the winter months are almost upon us and we only have so much time before we have to put that baby away for a few months.


So, in our somewhat crazy, lunatic trainer minds we decided let’s just push the hell out of that thing and see how heavy we can go. Typically we’ll do a speed Prowler workout mixed in with some other implements like kettlebells, ropes and bulgarian bags and we’ll make it a nice conditioning workout.

Not the case on this training session. We went just Prowler for 7 rounds and worked up to a max effort. I ended up peaking at 300 pounds for a down and back push and that was pretty much hell. I felt awesome after but during it, well, it wasn’t pretty.

Here’s a little clip of this. Set #6 with 300 pounds…..

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]