Angry Personal Trainer Needs Your Opinion

A personal trainer rant by Callie Durbrow

I Need Your Opinion on This…Am I Wrong to Feel Angry?


I’m a little bit angry today. I saw something last night that made my heart ache just a little bit. Maybe it’s because of my profession as a personal trainer, I don’t know, so I need your thoughts.

See, last night I was in Target grabbing a few things for my upcoming trip to California. I’m going out there again for an amazing business seminar. This is a great way for me to refocus my business and meet up with some great trainer friends. Plus the weather out in Cali isn’t so bad 🙂

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So I’m in Target getting all those little 4 ounce bottles and quart sized ziploc bags that are airplane approved. I hate checking a bag so I’m just packing everything in my carry-on. I also hate those people that bring a HUGE carry-on that barely fits. Kinda like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents….

When I walked into Target the first thing that I saw was a really large woman in one of those motorized carts that you can sit in. Her son was walking next to her (he was probably like 7 or 8) and in the front basket of this cart she had donuts, candy and some kind of sugary juice or soda, I couldn’t really tell.

When I saw this, it made my blood boil and my heart ached for this little boy. Now maybe the mom had an injury or something, I don’t know. My first thought was that this poor little boy was being exposed to eating all this JUNK food and what an awful example of parenting this was. An extremely overweight woman just fueling her path to an early death with a cart full of sugar and crap.

As a person who values exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyles, maybe this bothers me more than most people. Am I wrong? Should I feel angry with this situation or just let people make their own beds, so to speak?

Let me know your thoughts on this with a quick comment.