21 Fitness Training Mistakes…AVOID these if You Want to Get in Shape!

Here’s a quick post for you today…just a few things to avoid if you actually want to get fit and have a healthy lifestyle. Check out my top 21 fitness training mistakes…

1. Doing too much cardio
2. Not lifting enough weight
3. Not lifting weights at all
4. Eating too much crap
5. Participating in “restriction” diets…aka low carb, low fat, etc
6. Not eating enough to support muscle recovery and energy levels
7. Dehydration
8. Not staying committed to the training process
9. Sticking with the same workout for months or even years
10. Long, slow cardio sessions instead of intense conditioning intervals
11. Using machines and single joint movements instead of complex, multi-joint free weight and body weight exercises
12. Not getting enough sleep
13. Reading while performing “conditioning” workouts on the bike…if you are reading, you are not working hard enough
14. Training  every single day
15. Not working on mobility…if you can’t move, you can’t train properly
16. Not properly stretching or foam rolling after a training session
17. Trying to do everything on your own (hire a trainer or work out with a friend)
18. Training sessions are too long, rest time is too long. Unless you are training for absolute power, you do not need 3+ minutes between sets…Get into the gym and kick butt for 45-60 minutes and leave.
19. Bringing your cell phone to the gym. Get over yourself..unless it’s an emergency you are not that important
20. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables
21. Too much focus on the scale. Focus on your clothes, body fat percentage, and how
you feel

In order to really get fit, in shape, and feeling great you MUST perform strength training workouts, eat a balanced nutrition plan with plenty of fruits, veggies, lean meats, natural protein sources, whole grains, and tons of water, and skip the cardio and replace it with high intensity interval workouts such as sprints, jump rope, hill sprints, or interval runs.