Invest in me - Durbrow Performance Training

As I mentioned on the previous pages, we don’t work with everyone. Our programs are not the easiest or cheapest, but they are also nothing like you’ll find in a traditional gym, weight loss center or boot camp. Maybe you’ve tried group training before...not like this, girlfriend.

I won’t bore you with the science but you do kind of want to know how we’re going to get you from Point A:

  • Tired
  • Flabby
  • Sick of losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over again
  • Discouraged
  • Annoyed by the amount of information out there, even though nothing seems to “work”
  • Puffy
  • Unhappy
  • Low confidence and self esteem

To Point B:

  • Strong
  • Toned
  • Energetic
  • Feeling like a bad ass in life and at work
  • Boosted confidence
  • Lean and tight legs, belly and arms
  • Able to fit into any clothes without stress (or having to buy a bigger size once again)

So here’s how it goes:

We do this through a simple combination of three things: strength training, conditioning work and nutrition. We combine those three with our A to Z approach where we’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure you drop weight fast and keep it off. The missing link in most fitness or diet plans is our secret sauce, the accountability. Do you know that you need to work out and eat healthy?

Of course. Everyone does. So why don’t you do it?

That’s what we’ve got figured out and that’s why we’re flat out the best in the business. Here’s how you can work with us. Each investment to the program is based on your long term goals. Most of our members join us for a minimum of 6 months and continue on beyond that as a part of their lifestyle.

But before you get started long term, we understand that it’s an investment. We want you to LOVE it and we want to make sure it's a good fit for everyone involved (us included).

That’s why we have our 14 Day Academy. Are all of your results going to happen in 14 days? No way. This is simply a catalyst to your new life. We call this the Academy because during this time you will learn. You will learn about the simple, sustainable changes that you can make to start getting results. This is not a cookie cutter workout and diet plan.

Each 14 day academy plan is individualized to YOU. We work with you on your habits and small changes along the way. Plus you'll get access to our semi-famous small group workouts (3 per week), a complete nutrition protocol that you can customize to meet your personal preferences, stretching, recovery and most important of all- motivation, accountability and FUN.

If you decide to join the Durbrow Performance family after the initial 14 days, we will give you our recommendations on which program would be best for you.

Of course you want to know how much it is though, right?

We get that. We are not the cheapest program in town and if you’re looking for a bargain, that’s not us.

Why not? You get what you pay for. If you want a real, sustainable, accountable program that will get you results, come see us.

If you want to get the lowest price or you’re shopping around based on that variable alone, this program is not for you.

With that said, we know it’s something that you want to fit into your budget long term. Most of our programs are between $200 and $250 per month. If you’re ready to get real results in a motivating, fun and supportive environment instead of jumping from plan to plan every few weeks, let’s move forward in this process.

Once you book your 14 Day Academy, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule your strategy session. During the strategy session we will:

• Dive deep into your goals

• Find out what you REALLY want and why

• Discuss what’s holding you back from getting there

• Establish your two new habit changes (once you dial those in, we move on to the next one)

• Get your initial body composition measurements (inches, body fat, weight) and we will test these every 5 weeks

• Take you through a movement and mobility screen to assess any injuries and make sure you are 100% ready for your upcoming training session

• Set your training schedule for 3 sessions per week