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Somerville Personal Training Workout Journal: 8/6/13

Our Tuesday Training Journal at Durbrow Performance Training:

5 Sets:

  • Kettlebell 1-Arm Swing into 1-Arm High Pull (both sides) x5/each
  • Kettlebell 1-Arm Dead Lift x5/each
  • Valslide Mountain Climbers x50
  • Battling Ropes x50
  • Chain Push Ups x10-15
  • Sledgehammer Tire Strikes x10/side

This training session is designed to combine full body strength with heavy dead lifts and chain push ups plus conditioning with higher repetitions of Battling Ropes and Mountain Climbers.


Somerville Training Workout Journal 8/5/13

Today’s training session was a 35:00 workout. The goal was to get as many rounds in as possible with perfect technique and rest as needed.

Lunge Jumps x10/leg

Broad Jumps x5

TRX Face Pull x12

Valslide Body Saw x10

Med Ball Power Throws x10/side

Kettlebell 1-Arm Clean & Press x5/side

Most clients got 5-6 rounds with some clients pushing up to 8.

Here are some of our training clients at 6pm working the full body rotational power on the med ball throws….



Broad Jumps and Heavy Kettlebell Clean & Press….


Somerville Fitness Training Workout Journal: Saturday 8/3/13

On Saturday 8/3/13 we hit up a morning conditioning session using the Tabata circuits.

20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 total minutes at each station. Clients will do 4 sets of each exercise.

There is a 2 minute recovery in between each station.

Station 1-

Shuttle Sprints

Battling Ropes

Station 2-

DB Push Press

Kettlebell Clean (2 sets per arm)

Station 3-

Kettlebell Swing


Somerville Personal Training Workout Journal 7/31/13

Today’s session is a tough one, a blend of conditioning and strength in a timed circuit.

30 seconds of work at each station followed by 30 seconds of rest. Rest 1:30 between circuits and complete 6 circuits.

  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Plyo Push Up Variations
  • TRX Grappler Row
  • Power Wheel Ab Roll-Out
  • Prowler Push to Sprint

Here are some of our awesome clients getting after it….

Wed night