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Durbrow Performance Training Spotlight Sunday: Kathy Conkey

Welcome back to another, long-awaited edition of our Spotlight Sunday. It’s been a while but these next few stories are going to be well worth it. I know you LOVE reading them and I love sharing them because this is truly what the Durbrow Performance team is all about. Stories like this are so much better than listening to me talk anyway 🙂

Today’s story comes from 1/2 of our amazing mother-daughter team, Kathy and Kara. Mom Kathy has been training with us since November of 2013 and in that time (as of April with her last measurements) she has lost 14 pounds of body fat, 7.5″ inches and about the only thing she’s gained is a ton of confidence. 

Kathy absolutely crushes her workouts, 3 days per week at 6am. She’s now doing multiple sets of push ups from her toes, chin ups with the orange band, which is just 1 step below a full body-weight chin up. Check out more of Kathy’s story here…

Before training at Durbrow, I had tried many things to manage my weight. I bought gym memberships which I rarely used. I work full time and had little energy for anything after work. I did Weight Watchers, South Beach, “fat busting” protein shakes,boot camp, at home exercise videos, treadmill, elliptical…all with some measure of success, but none long lasting.

For years my weight has yo-yo’d between 152 and 172 pounds. I knew it was unhealthy to keep losing and gaining but was unable to stick with anything long enough to achieve my long term goal of staying below 150 pounds.

The changes in my life since Durbrow are amazing!

Many health issues I’ve struggled with for years are a thing of the past, including fatigue, joint pain, insomnia, acid reflux, irregularity and depression. My self esteem has sky rocketed and I feel stronger than I ever have.

I honestly believe there is no challenge in life that I can’t withstand or overcome. I have changed the way I look at food and know the nutrition guidance I’ve been given are tools to keep me eating healthy.

I shop weekly now and often prepare meals on the weekend to ensure wise choices throughout the week.

The specific changes I have seen are significant loss of pounds and inches. I have lost 13 pounds (scale weight) and 14 pounds of fat, along with 7.5 inches (November through April).

I have increased stamina and tons of energy. I have four young grandchildren and can do things with them now that just a few short months ago I was unable to do. I no longer view diet and exercise as a chore but consider myself important enough to make good choices for life!

My favorite exercises are chin-ups, lunges and spiderman push-ups because they challenge me. It is exciting to grow stronger and I look forward to further challenges and seeing more changes.

To anyone thinking of joining I would say “If I can do it, you can do it”!

I turned 60 in January and I feel better than  I have in years. Durbrow Performance is a family, there is no competition. Everyone is supportive and always encouraging each other to be their personal best. I joined in November and discovered a new outlook on life, a new me.I never could have done this on my own…believe me, I HAVE tried…and I am ever grateful to Callie and Emily for all they do!

Here’s Kathy when she started….

Kathy front before

Here’s Kathy showing off those new muscles 🙂




Durbrow Performance Spotlight Sunday: Kristine Sand

We’re back with another edition of our Training Spotlight Sunday. I’m really excited about this one because this lady has been an inspiration to all of us at Durbrow Performance. She came in a little nervous, unsure about the results and totally bored out of her mind with her current workouts. She took a big leap and since then has continued to take leaps and bounds every single workout. Check out Kristine’s story and show her some love by giving this post a “Share” on Facebook.


Kristine’s Story:

I was an active kid growing up, but never had a real exercise regimen. As an adult I no longer played team sports and it became harder to incorporate exercise into my daily life. For most of my 20s my go-to workout was the elliptical, where I’d watch TV and read a magazine, all in an effort to just get through 30 minutes even though I was bored out of my mind.

Before I joined Durbrow Performance Training in January 2012, I had gained some weight over the summer and couldn’t get motivated to lose it or change my eating habits.  I was that annoying person eating crap with a glass of wine and complaining about how my pants didn’t fit.  Lucky for me, Sarah Nichols was the one listening to me complain and suggested I join DPT for an upcoming contest.  I had witnessed her amazing results so it was an easy yes. What did I have to lose?

Lots of fat is the answer. I am the poster child for why you need to throw out your scale.  My scale weight has pretty much remained constant; I’ve lost 17 pounds of fat which was replaced with muscle. I’ve lost several inches and learned that body shape and the scale number are very different.

It’s hard to find the words to describe how integral DPT has become to my life, and how much love I have for the trainers.  I spend most of my time with Emily, but Emily, Callie and Caitlin all invest in your life, not just your time at the gym—and I’ve had a total lifestyle change as a result. The nutrition tips, blogs and group forum keep me engaged, even in my off days. Knowing there are other people so focused on being the best versions of themselves is encouraging. It makes it easier to stay focused, to not order a drink even though all your friends are, etc. Being part of DPT has given me the confidence to try new workouts and keep activity as part of my daily life.

The entire DPT family gets me out of bed for the early morning workouts; my favorite exercise is the tire strikes. It’s exhilarating to feel so powerful! My least favorite exercise is pushups, but because I know I can get better at them I’ve made it my end-of-year goal to focus on quality, full-range pushups.

In January 2012, I said “yes” to a four-week contest; at the end of the contest I said “yes” to another six months but was still nervous if I could or would stick with it. I always had a tendency to get bored then get lazy, but in a few months I’ll have been a client for TWO YEARS. The time has flown by but I’ve loved every sweaty minute of it.



Here’s Kristine before, in 2011…..






Here’s Kristine after, in October of 2013….


Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Andrew Tang

Welcome back to another edition of our Sunday Spotlight at Durbrow Performance Training. I love reading and sharing these because they are just amazing, inspiring stories from our best assets, our clients.

This training family is like no other that you’ll find in a typical gym or even if you have a personal trainer. These guys and gals work their asses off in the gym and have a great time doing it.

Today’s story comes from Andrew Tang. Andrew and his wife Christine started training with us in March of 2012. They both came in wanting to gain some muscle and get healthier. I always joke with them that they are the only two that actually want to gain weight. But we still love them 🙂

Here’s Andrew’s inspiring comeback story after an ACL injury during a basketball game….

March 20th 2013 is when I completely tore my ACL and partially tore the MCL and LCL too. I don’t remember it being painful, just remember thinking, “Sh*t!! Christine’s gonna kill me, maybe it’s not that serious, hopefully i can play ball again….. “.
After 4 incompetent hrs in the ER, I got an xray, a pat on the head and was sent home. I started pre-op rehab two weeks later. 
Almost exactly a year before is when Christine and I met Callie. We didn’t know exactly what to expect but I knew I liked the concept and philosophy of DPT, so we set our goals and stayed accountable. We had joined other gyms before but there were too many easy excuses not to workout; adopting cats, it’s snowing, and let’s cook something with lots of butter and sprinkle some bacon & cheese, to top it off. 
“Don’t play ball to get in shape, get in shape to play ball”  – Bobbito Garcia
This quote really stuck to me after discovering it. Before that point I was just getting by because of my genetic disposition, but skinny doesn’t mean fit and what fit i had would decline after every decadent winter of feasting.
So it was time.
Even after the first grueling week at DPT I saw a difference at my Saturday pick-up games and I was hooked. Fast forward a year, I was hitting personal best on body fat %’s, gaining mass and loving the box jumps!
This summer was gonna be legendary. Then it happened.
May 9th, the largest needle i’ve ever seen was about to be jammed into my hip for a femoral block. Now I can’t feel my left leg, I’m being wheeled into the operating room and I pass out. 2hrs later….  BRAND NEW ACL!!!!!!
I’m awake, coherent, still can’t feel my left leg but I’m feeling good, made it up two flights of stairs and just chilled on the couch looking forward to this little vacation.
2 days after the operation I started gaining my range of motion back, instantly. The surgeon gave me a goal of a week to reach 90 degrees, I got it back in a day!
I really DO believe that being in such great shape before the injury accelerated my rehab and also my rehab was a breeze compared to one of Emily’s classes: 10 more seconds, 10 more seconds…  
I started coming back to DPT as soon as I was cleared, you probably saw me on the bike pedaling with my 5lbs dumbbells jazzercising away.
I was able to work from home so I was constantly rehabbing and I was going to physical therapy twice a week along with the gym. I knew what my body was able to handle and how hard I could push myself, this was my new personal pyramid.
5 months after having surgery I had my last appointment with my surgeon, he had cleared me to start playing basketball!!!
VICTORY!  (but only just pick-up, for now…) My left leg hasn’t fully caught up with my right yet but I’ve already set my next goal.
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If you’re ready to be our next Spotlight and success story, click here to get started with your 21 day trial membership. 

Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Sarah Deschaine

Today’s Sunday Training Spotlight is one of my favorites. Sarah and I have been talking about doing a spotlight for months, literally. Sarah has undergone an incredible transformation in the physical sense, but her attitude and confidence is what stands out most to me. She was hesitant to write about herself but I assured her that this would be one of the most popular spotlights because of the amazing effort and dedication she has put into her new lifestyle. 

Check out Sarah D’s story here….

When my friend Chet suggested I come and try Durbrow Performance Personal Training for the  $21 for 21 days I had every intention of trying the 21 days then going back to my other gym and workouts.

Little did I know that not only would I be gaining a refreshed love for exercise and a supportive training family but no desire to return to my old gym.  I had been doing the same strength class at my gym for probably two years with the same people two days a week and never got to know any of them.  I enjoyed the trainer a lot but it was up to you to figure out when to move up in weight and no one to push you out of your comfort zone.

I grew up as the shy overweight kid and before DPT I had lost 75 lbs going to weekly meetings, eating low fat foods and counting food stats but reached a point where I couldn’t reach my ultimate weight loss goal.

The focus was always on that number.  I started forcing activity in my life as much as possible for example joined my company softball team, started running 5K races with friends and classes at my gym.  But it was still hard to make myself a priority.

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Somerville Personal Training Sunday Spotlight: Emily Boynton

Happy Sunday! Today’s Spotlight is going to be a bit different. Instead of showcasing one of our awesome clients, I wanted to share with you the story of one of our awesome trainers. Here you can check out Emily’s journey through finding out she was pregnant, training hard through her pregnancy and how she transformed her body post-baby.

I’m having a baby!!! Oh yeah… Oh crap…..what does this means for hips, thighs, butt and belly?

When I first found out I was pregnant I was so elated, and thought wow this is going to be amazing. I get to experience one of the truly life changing events and most amazing process for the human body.

Then reality set in. My body is going to change and be COMPLETELY out of my control. So naturally, I freaked out for about a week. Having been formerly very heavy (fat kid right here) I knew with certainty I didn’t want to back there. I couldn’t go back there.

But sitting around freaking out about what I couldn’t control and what hadn’t happened yet was not going to help me avoid the dreaded fat.

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Somerville Strength Training Spotlight Sunday: Rachna Mathur

Rachna has been training at Durbrow Performance since January and has quickly become one of our hardest working clients. She always has a smile and an awesome attitude and she is consistently trying to improve every exercise, every week. Check out Rachna’s story today. Enjoy!

Durbrow Performance Training has already changed my life. I joined in January 2013 as part of my New Year’s Resolution and have seen a complete change in my body shape and strength. My body fat percentage has dramatically dropped and I am looking forward to some skinny leg jeans and tank tops!!


I have always been small (I’m 5 foot 1 on a good day) and the majority of my adult life has been between 98-110 pounds. Growing up and throughout my and college years, I danced. A lot. It was a lot of cardio ranging from things like cheerleading/dance squad to doing Bhangra (a fast paced, high energy South Asian dance) to performing Kathak, a classical North Indian dance. I love Bollywood music and dancing as well. All that cardio was great and allowed me to eat whatever I wanted.

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Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Chrissy C.

I have always been the LEAST athletic person out there. Never played a sport while growing up. I’ll  miss the bus before running to catch it. I like watching some sports – from a safe distance- but the idea of participating in a contact sport or any type of activity that requires movement has always made me feel tired before I even motion to stand up. I’m the one who loves going to baseball and hockey games but shamefully ducks whenever a fly ball goes into the stands or puck flies over the glass. Even when I’m in the nosebleed seats.

So the idea of starting small group personal training scared me a little. (OK, a lot.) But I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Prior to joining I had tried everything- Weight Watchers, random “healthy” diets, plans to go on long walks multiple times a week, I’d done one on one personal training a number of times, and joined countless gyms and bought multiple packages for yoga that I would attend in spurts. Nothing ever seemed to hold my attention or provide results that would last.Continue reading

Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Maureen O’Donnell

Check out this awesome story from one of our training clients, Maureen O’Donnell….

I have always been fairly active.  I have a 10-year-old son that is very athletic and I try to take every opportunity to play tennis, basketball or just throw the baseball around with him.   I also do a lot of walking.  I never considered myself out of shape or overweight but after a year of training with Callie, Emily and Caitlin at Durbrow Performance Training, I now know differently.

My friend Liz referred me to Callie.  She was so excited about what she was doing at Durbrow Performance Training and the results she was seeing.  She also told me how much fun she was having.  I was hooked after the first session with Emily.  After a year of training, I have been transformed.  I feel like a different person.  I have more energy than ever and can’t believe some of the things I am able to do.   I am so much stronger and fitter than I have been in quite a few years.

My favorite exercises are anything involving the TRX, most of the core workouts, the agility ladder and push-ups.  I also really love doing box jumps.   My favorite finisher is ropes.  The new facility has created an opportunity to do a lot more than we could at the previous space and I love that Callie and team are constantly changing up the workouts and offering new exercises and challenges every week.Continue reading

Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Lynn Walters Rekhi

I was always an active person, gymnastics in grade school, synchronized swimming in high school, yoga off and onbut then college and lots of subsequent restaurant jobs came along and took it’s toll. Then I moved out to Cambridge to go to grad school and while I walked every day, I worked two job and paid a lot for a gym membership that I didn’t use very often.  Then I paid a lot for a trainer, but I wasn’t seeing results since I only working out when I was with the trainer, and did the elliptical on other days…which is so boring, I had trouble getting myself to do it.

I am always on the go, two jobs, always busy, but I also love to cook and eat out often because of my busy schedule or because I am working in a restaurant.

Best changes are, I am stronger, all over. I can do things now that at the beginning seemed impossible. I have also overcome a lot of injuries, my hamstring injury from skiing almost never bugs me now, I am sure because my legs are so much stronger.  I also have crappy shoulders, and have gone from only being able to use a band to do overhead arm workouts to using a 25lb weight.  Core strength is awesome! Now I never do my pushups on my knees and I can do wheel rollouts on my toes! I have lost 9% body fat and over 30 inches overall.Continue reading

Somerville Personal Training: Spotlight Sunday

Somerville Training Spotlight- Liz Graham


Welcome back to our Durbrow Performance Training Spotlight Sunday. It’s been a bit of a break but we’re back 🙂

This week I wanted to share an awesome story of one of our best transformations. Liz has been training at DP for about a year and half and has been kicking some serious ass right from the start. Liz has completely transformed her body and is always 100% focused during every training session to keep perfect technique, get stronger and make herself better. Check out her story here…

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