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What Do Training in Groups, Canadian Geese and Motivation Have in Common?

I heard an interesting story a few weeks ago, about what groups, Canadian Geese and motivation have in common.

This is ironic that I actually liked this story because as some of you know, I hate birds. Yep, I have a strange fear of them (not the little tiny ones but anything bigger than a chicken). They just freak me out, particularly Canadian Geese.

Besides that, this story is really interesting and you’ll see why having group motivation in either training, nutrition or any aspect of your life will help you get to that goal even faster than you imagined.

Check out the video and the story right here:


Don’t Try

Happy Monday to you. I hope your weekend was excellent.
We went to a wedding for one of my favorite people, she has been a friend and a client for several years and it was really an amazing day.
I love March Madness so Sunday after a training session I was really excited to put the games on and just enjoy the spirit and competition of college basketball. Plus my team is still alive, Virginia Cavaliers!
Onto the topic at hand for today. You may have noticed that I’ve been writing more about the psychological and mental side of training and changing your life.
Over the years I’ve noticed the difference between people who REALLY change and people who get some results is what they say out loud and in their own heads.
People are resistant to change. It’s just human nature.
The reasons vary from person to person but usually it’s because getting out of the comfort zone or breaking habits is a scary thing.
When you do something for the first time, of course it’s not going to be perfect.
Think about the first time you tried to do a push up. You may have to think way, way back…
But it was probably shaky, your elbows flopped out like chicken wings and your butt was sticking up in the air.
You did them though. They weren’t perfect or pretty, but you did them.
This is what I want you to think about when you come across a new task, a new exercise or a new way to think about eating or planning your meals.
Obviously I don’t want you to say “I can’t do that” 
That’s a given 🙂
What most people will say is “I will try.”
Nope. Don’t try.
What is trying anyway? It’s a lame, middle of the road, “maybe I’ll fail so I don’t want to go all in” luke-warm, B.S. cop out.
I want you to say “I’ll do that.”
Doesn’t mean you’ll do it great. You’ll probably suck for a few reps of the exercise or a few weeks of the new eating plan.
You’re still doing it.
I’m not asking you to do it perfectly. Just put in the effort, then put in the effort again and again.
Do it.
Have a great week,


Are You Doing This (hint: you should stop)

I caught myself doing this.
Everyone does it. It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone, so we all kind of do “this” once and a while.
What the hell am I talking about today?
I’m talking about when you have a plan and you “kind of” follow the directions.
Let me give you an example. Sometimes I design my own workouts but sometimes I have someone else do it for me. I’ll either hire a coach or seek out a pre-written program that is designed for my goals.
The program is all written out, perfectly simple and ready to follow and then I say to myself I’ll just switch out this exercise. 
I’ll just do lunges instead of step ups. 
I hate step ups.
Why am I changing the program, not following the simple rules?
It’s putting me out of my comfort zone. I have to do an exercise that’s hard and that I don’t like.
No big deal, I’ll just switch it.
Are lunges just as hard? Yes, probably, but that’s not the point.
You will start to see this little trend creep in to other aspects. Are you supposed to try and hit 60 grams of fat per day but you “just” have that one more scoop of almond butter which puts you over your target?
It won’t make a big difference.
Maybe not that day, but the next day and the next day, it sure as hell will.
Following the directions seems like a simple concept but when those directions put you out of your comfort zone, it becomes human nature to just make an exception here and there.
Guess what happens then?
Your results become slower and slower.
Next time you think about making what may seem like a little exception or change, think for a minute about why you’re actually doing it.
If you have a perfectly good program right in front of you, don’t make changes. It may be uncomfortable at first but you have to trust the process.
Don’t fall back into your old ways and what’s comfortable.
Getting results is much more than just changing your body. You have to break down the barriers and the small, day-to-day things that are adding up to form your habits and that are slowing your progress.
Take this into action this week and be more conscious of your thoughts and choices.


January Client of the Month: Sarah Deschaine

Congratulations to our January 2014 Training Client of the Month, Sarah Deschaine!

Since starting at Durbrow Performance back in 2012 Sarah has become one of our most consistent clients with one of the most amazing transformations.

Sarah came in with some exercise experience, doing mostly classes at her local gym. She started with a 21 day trial and with all intentions to just go back to her regular gym after the three weeks were up.

I guess that didn’t happen 🙂

Sarah has completely transformed her life, from not only exercise and healthy eating but in the mental aspect as well.

She has learned how to push herself past her limits, how to fuel her body with the right foods and how sleep and stress can affect the training sessions (and she’s managing those things even better now).

I could have given the Black T-shirt to Sarah many, many times over the last two years. She is consistent with pretty much perfect attendance, she gives 100% in each session and never just goes through the motions, she brings out the best in herself and in others and I love training with her during our Sunday Strength days because our small group of ladies has really become a great team and it’s awesome to get to interact with them on a deeper level each week.

I could go on and on about how much weight Sarah has lost and how many inches she’s dropped but that’s really just surface stuff. When you truly change your life, that’s major work, and Sarah has done that.

I’m so proud of Sarah’s transformation, congratulations Sarah and thanks for always showing up with a smile, an ass kicking attitude and for always following my directions when I write emails 🙂

Sarah D COM

The Fitness Lesson that No One Talks About

Every week, I write articles and blog posts that teach people how to get healthy and fit and I teach our clients in the gym to train hard and smart and to understand why lifting weights, conditioning and eating healthy are important and vital.

Yes, those lessons that I teach are powerful, and I know that I’m helping a lot of people. However, today, I want to share with you one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned and that most people don’t even talk about: Be kind to yourself.

I have to admit, when I used to see this phrase, I thought it was a weak statement. I’m going to bust my butt in the gym, eat clean and the harder I am on myself, the better results I’ll get.

I’m not weak, and I don’t need a pep talk or a baby sitter. As a former athlete and a leader and coach for many people, I thought that I had to be like superwoman. I wasn’t beating myself up for not getting results or for maybe having an ice cream, but I certainly WAS NOT being very kind to myself.

So, what does this whole “being kind to yourself” mean?

I want you to look at it like this: You can’t just work for the end result.

Rather, you have to enjoy the journey—the day-to-day work that you put in to accomplish a goal.

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The Evolution of Durbrow Performance

Recently several people have asked me how and why I started Durbrow Performance Training. I have told this story to some clients and some trainer friends but I wanted to share it today because it’s important to understand that it wasn’t an accident and the style of training that we do, the way we group people up, it wasn’t just on a whim that it all came together.

As you may know, I grew up as an athlete. I played soccer and basketball my whole life all the way through college. Playing college soccer was one of the best experiences of my life. I made some of the best, loyal friends you could ever imagine.

There is something magical about competing with other people. When you train together, eat together, live together and win and lose together, it changes you. You are not only in it for yourself and that’s one of the strongest motivators that a human being can have.

When you have success because you pushed yourself, and others pushed you, there is no better feeling. In 1998 we set a school record for 21 wins, in 1999 and 2000 we were conference runners-up and in 2001 we won the conference championship in an overtime thriller.

Winning was cool.

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Somerville Personal Training Client of the Month: Pete Griffith

Congratulations to our July Client of the Month at Durbrow Performance Training, Pete Griffith!

Pete has been training with us since May of 2013. He came into the training family after some encouragement from his girlfriend Liz. During our Spring team contest, Pete signed up and we talked about exactly how to get him to gain some lean muscle and drop a bit of body fat. We were going to be more focused on the former because he didn’t have a whole lot to lose.

Pete was a great fit from the start, always motivated and excited to try new exercises and improve from week to week.

After a month we re-tested his body fat and he had dropped 3.5%. That was the real turning point for him and he started stepping up the game even more, always looking to increase weight, try a higher box on his jumps and just push himself to get stronger and faster every workout.


After the next measurement there was another 1.5% drop in body fat, not to shabby for someone who came in at 16% to begin with 🙂

Pete is now ramping up his kettlebell exercises and working on conquering the 42″ box jump. I know he’ll get there in no time.

Congrats again Pete and thanks for all of your hard work!

Pete COM


How to Eat for Results When You Already Have Results

What does healthy eating mean?

It depends first of all on your goals. In my experience training clients and meeting people, there are usually four kinds of goals:

1. The person is overweight to where it’s affecting their health, and they need to lose body weight

2. The person has a higher than normal percentage of body fat and they need to lose fat and gain muscle

3. The person is lean, has a good amount of muscle due to training for a longer period of time and wants to continue to see results without being too strict

4. The person has some lean muscle but has trouble keeping weight on and wants to add a few pounds

Recently, due to the fact that our clients are freakin’ awesome, I have had the #3 conversation with a lot of people. Besides that, #2 is the most popular with a few people in the #1 and #4 categories.

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Somerville Training Tip: Lower Body Training with the Bulgarian Split Squat

When training for fat loss and overall strength it’s important to structure your training as efficiently as possible to meet those goals.

Your week should simply be 3 days of full body strength work and 2 days of interval style conditioning. Mix a day of yoga for recovery and mobility and you’re good to go.

On your strength days the training should include all the basic movements:

  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body Push
  • Upper Body Pull
  • Core (anti-rotation or plank variation)
  • Explosive or Power
  • Conditioning

Here’s an example of a training session that meets all those categories:

  • Bulgarian Split Squat
  • Push Ups
  • TRX Rows
  • Valslide Body Saw
  • Squat Jumps
  • Battling Ropes
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Somerville Personal Training Sunday Spotlight: Emily Boynton

Happy Sunday! Today’s Spotlight is going to be a bit different. Instead of showcasing one of our awesome clients, I wanted to share with you the story of one of our awesome trainers. Here you can check out Emily’s journey through finding out she was pregnant, training hard through her pregnancy and how she transformed her body post-baby.

I’m having a baby!!! Oh yeah… Oh crap…..what does this means for hips, thighs, butt and belly?

When I first found out I was pregnant I was so elated, and thought wow this is going to be amazing. I get to experience one of the truly life changing events and most amazing process for the human body.

Then reality set in. My body is going to change and be COMPLETELY out of my control. So naturally, I freaked out for about a week. Having been formerly very heavy (fat kid right here) I knew with certainty I didn’t want to back there. I couldn’t go back there.

But sitting around freaking out about what I couldn’t control and what hadn’t happened yet was not going to help me avoid the dreaded fat.

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