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Cambridge Personal Trainer’s Renegade Cardio Movement

A Cambridge personal trainer post by Callie Durbrow

The Renegade Cardio Movement

That’s it. I’ve finally completely lost it. I’m so, so sick of people doing cardio and expecting to lose fat and look good. I was kind of annoyed with it before and every once and a while I think about it and get annoyed.

But now it’s serious. The reason I’m so annoyed is because people are trying this approach and completely LOSING the battle. I’m on a mission to educate people about this and show them just how much faster you can lose fat when you actually don’t do cardio.

If you’ve been following my blogs and training for a while, you know how I feel about steady state cardio. I’m not talking about conditioning and intervals here. Those are great. You can see a few other opinions I’ve had on this…..

—>Cambridge training versus Steady State Cardio, who wins? 

—>How to Lose Fat without Cardio

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Here are just a couple of reasons why strength, interval and metabolic style training is going to get you faster and better results than steady-state cardio training….

1. Aerobic style training can increase cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can eat away at your muscle tissue and increase body fat storage.

2. The fat burning training zone is completely false. You actually burn less calories in more time using this method. It’s all about how many calories are burned and ALSO what happens post-workout. You need a metabolic boost and cardio just doesn’t cut it.

3. Continuous aerobic style training (aka cardio) will cause your body to plateau very quickly and essentially work on “auto-pilot” and will not tax the metabolic system enough to burn fat.

4. Prolonged cardio training can decrease testosterone levels. This is important for muscle growth and lean tissue. Even women need a certain amount and no you won’t get bulky 🙂

*Just a side note on the whole “bulky” thing for women. Wanna know the reason you feel bulky? You’ve got a layer of fat over your newly formed muscles. So guess what, you’ve gotta lose fat!

So I want to continue this mission for my Renegade Cardio Movement. I haven’t done cardio in years. It’s all about strength work, intervals and sprints. I recently polled a few of my good fitness friends and asked them what they found to be the best fat burning and training exercises. These are some of the top professionals in the game today. Check out what they said…..

Corey Beasley, a personal trainer in Orange County said Squats, Reverse Lunges w/Rotation, Battling Ropes and Sled Pushes.

Rob King, the amazing Canadian and Newfoundland fitness owner said his favorite training exercises are the Prowler, Ropes and Pull-Up variations.

Paul Mort, my UK pal and the boot camp king loves Zercher Squats, Dead lifts and sprints.

The #1 trainer in New Orleans, Jonas Deffes trains his clients for fat loss with Squat/Press Thrusters, Mountain Climbers and Push-Ups.

Luka Hocevar owns a killer fitness boot camp in Seattle and he rocks a lot of the exercises that we use at our training studio. His #1 fat loss exercises are Kettlebell Swings, Prowler Pushes and Chin Ups into Burpees.

Steve Krebs is running a top notch boot camp in Marcy, NY and he’s using Ropes, Dynamax Med Ball Slams & Squats and Sled Pushes.

These guys are some of my good friends in the fitness and training industry. They are in the trenches and are on the cutting edge of what works. I want you to see a trend with the exercises that they chose. Did you see ANY long-distance running? Any long workouts at all?

You could honestly take the 3 exercises that each person chose and make an entire training session out of that.

Join me in the Renegade Cardio Movement and get ready to see great changes in your body. I’ll be back with some sample workouts that you can use right away. Members at our training studio are actually LOSING fat this holiday season. Are you?

Find out how they’re doing it by clicking here 




Cambridge Fitness Boot Camp: How Bad Do YOU Want It?

A Cambridge fitness post by boot camp owner Callie Durbrow

I saw this video on someone’s Facebook page the other day and I just had to share it. I love it because it’s showing some pretty bad-a$$ training but I can’t get enough of this message.

Do you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe? How awesome is that.

Most people don’t want success that much. I’ve found that so many people just coast through life and they “kinda” want it. If you kinda want it, then you’re going to kinda get it.

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What Inspires You

A fitness post by Cambridge boot camp owner Callie Durbrow

What inspires you? Have you ever thought about it?

What gives you that chill up your spine, hairs literally stand up on your arms, kinda feeling?

A couple of weeks ago I flew out to Indianapolis for a conference. I was sitting in the airport the very next day, trying to fly home because Hurricane Irene was blowing up the east coast. So needless to say, I didn’t even get to my conference, but if I stayed until Sunday like I planned then I wouldn’t get home until Tuesday. No thanks. So, I sucked it up and flew back early.

Anyway, I was sitting in the airport and just thinking of what inspired me. Normally I don’t have these deep thoughts just randomly like that, I’m not too much of a weirdo 🙂

But for some reason I got to thinking about it and I made a list. I wanted to share that list with you because I want you to think about it too.

Don’t go through life just blindly living day by day. Find something you love and do it. Let the people that you love know it. Don’t be a zombie in your life. We only get one life and one body so let’s get after it. 

I hope this list inspires you a bit and maybe helps you to find what things actually mean to you.

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Random Pictures from My Phone

A Random Photos Post by Cambridge Boot Camp Owner Callie Durbrow

Some Random Pictures from My Phone….

Do you ever go through your phone and find some random weird pictures that you don’t remember taking? That happened to me the other day so I thought I would post up a few random as well as some cool photos from the past few months. Enjoy….

Driving back from a wedding in New Jersey….these people are New Hampshire bound….

Sunrise in Chino Hills, CA…..

Our first day in the new gym….

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Why You’re Still Fat, What to do About It, and 5 Things I’m Excited About

A fitness post by Cambridge boot camp owner Callie Durbrow

Why You’re Still Fat (and some answers)

Okay, I think I have your attention now right?

I know I’m not usually harsh or insulting in this forum and I don’t mean to be but I want to call attention to something and that is the majority of people are fat. You may be included in this statement.

What the hell are you going to do about it? 

Maybe you don’t think you’re fat, maybe you’re in denial and you just think they’re making clothes smaller now.

Maybe right now I’m not talking about being morbidly obese and on the verge of a life-threatening illness, but you might still be fat.

You might be 10, 15, 20 pounds over-fat (notice I didn’t say overweight). You still need to make a change here.

What about that little bit of fat around your arms? Your legs are kinda getting bigger?

You think it must be the weight training. It’s making you bulky.


You know what’s making you bulky? The fat that you’re gaining some muscle but you’re NOT losing fat. So when you arms look bulky like that, you know what that is? It’s muscle with a nice layer of fat around it.

Yep, it’s true, muscle DOES NOT turn into fat or vice-versa. You have to lose fat and develop muscle. They are two separate tissues and it is 100% possible to have both.

You know why you have both?

Because you may be working out, but you’re still trying to out-train a bad diet. You’re not losing fat fast enough and you’re not eating to support your ever-changing metabolism.

So here’s the deal. You’re carrying the fat around. What the hell do you do about it?

You hear me talk all the time about nutrition, dial it in, start eating healthy, blah blah blah…..what does that even mean?

Here’s what you MUST do if you want to avoid being fat. 

1. Drink water. If your body is even 1% dehydrated it takes away from it’s fat burning efficiency. Drink 1/2 your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water each day. So if you weigh 140 lbs you drink 70 ounces of water each day.

2. Do not overload your meals. Your body can only process, digest and use so many calories at once. If you’re having 3 meals at 600 calories a pop you might be thinking, okay that’s only 1800 calories so I can probably still drop some fat with that going on. NOPE. Your body is working on overload to process all of those nutrients and if I have to guess there’s probably a lot of sugar involved in there. A lot of this is not going to be processed and used and instead stored as fat. How do you get around this? Instead of 3 meals at 600 a pop, try for 5-6 meals/snacks and divide those 1800 calories up that way.

3. Work out hard. I’m talking seriously bust your ass hard. Don’t say you’re working out hard because I know you’re not. I don’t mean kill yourself and get injured but you MUST be intense. If not, it’s all a waste because not only are we going for a nice calorie burn DURING the workout, we also want to focus on what happens after the workout. This is the important stuff because this is the long-term change we want. See, your body burns a certain amount of calories during a workout and as it’s recovering and still working after the fact, your metabolism (ability to burn calories) has been elevated. In a successful strength and interval workout you can elevate your metabolism to that level and have it stay there for up to 36 hours. This is pretty cool because by the time that runs out, you’re basically on-to your next intense workout. Do this 3-4 times per week and eventually your metabolism IS at that level.

4. Don’t make excuses. First reason for this is that no one cares. Everyone has their own crap so just shut up and do your thing. There will never be a perfect day for a workout. It will be raining, you will be tired, you will have a tough day at work. It doesn’t matter. If you keep using all of these excuses and then some, you will still be fat. I’m sorry, it’s true.

5. If you are nervous or scared about working out, that’s okay. Most people are terrified on their first day into our program. But here’s the thing, getting there is the first step. I know that sounds cliche, but even for those of us who have been working out for a long time, just getting into the gym is huge. Because once you’re there, all you have to do is get it done. There’s no more talking yourself up to actually get there or why you should go tomorrow instead. We have people of all levels in our programs, seriously. If you want to find out why this program WILL work for you then just click here (take the first step).

So there’s 5 things you can start doing right away. No B.S., no theories, no special diets. Just get down to business and get rid of that fat. 

I know I mentioned in the title that I have 5 things I’m really excited about so after all that serious crap let’s talk about some fun stuff. The summer is almost coming to an end but that’s cool with me, I love the fall. The only thing I’m bummed about is that Prowler season is getting shorter. We’ll be out there in the dark though, shooting sparks off the back of the Prowler. Good times. Anyway, 5 things I’m pumped about coming up….

1. I just got a Kindle. I always take a little longer than most to warm up to technology. But after a few weeks of wondering “should I get it?” I finally did. I did the same thing with my smartphone, my iPod touch, my mac laptop and I love them all. I’m just a little resistant. So far the Kindle is the bomb and I can’t wait to take it on my next trip to a conference in Indianapolis.

2. One of my best friends is getting married in September. Karen and I have been friends for 16 years. Yep, since I was 5….just kidding. We go way back to playing basketball together in high school and I have just realized lately how rare it is to keep friends from that far back in your life. My 3 best high school friends are still my 3 best friends and I’m so happy about that. I can’t wait to celebrate her wedding in a few weeks.

3. Red Sox and Yankees game. This will be my first game of the season and there’s nothing better than late August, Sox vs. Yanks when it actually means something.

4. The fall. I am a Vermont girl and I love the fall but you crazy people down here in Boston don’t know what fall is. There are no leaves, no crisp walks through the grass, no pumpkins on the front steps. I guess it’s kinda nice here but it’s no Vermont so I’ll take my annual fall trip up north and enjoy some pumpkin spice coffee while I dodge the slow-ass drivers checking out the leaves 🙂

5. My best friend and her little miracle baby, Liam. My best friend Sarah (many of you know her) was all set for a September baby. Well, Liam had other plans and he wanted to be a June baby. So, 3 months early 2.5 pounds at birth Liam had lots of work ahead of him. As I write this he is 4 pounds and 12 ounces (probably more by the time you read this) and is looking truly amazing. I got to see him the other day out of his isolette and even got to kiss his little forehead. He has fought through dozens of complications and is set to come home in just a few short weeks. It really makes you think about what’s important in life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog post, so hook up a comment below.


Cambridge Fitness Boot Camp Client of the Month (July)

A Cambridge fitness post by boot camp owner Callie Durbrow

Our July Client of the Month…..


Congratulations to Amber Mills (now Amber Massaro) for winning our boot camp client of the month for July!

Amber has been training at Durbrow Performance since April and has seen amazing results in her short time. When she first began, core strength was a huge focus and she has improved that 100x….now the Valslides are not AS painful 🙂

Amber has also lost over 4% body fat and reshaped her body with over 10 inches lost.

She has been an amazing member of our team, always there with a positive word and a great smile no matter how challenging the workout. Amber is definitely one of those people you just enjoy being around and we’re so happy to hand over the black t-shirt to her.

Also, Amber celebrated her wedding just a few short weeks ago so congrats on that as well!

Hey Cambridge, 37 Summer Fitness Boot Camp Tips on Burning Fat

A Cambridge boot camp post by Callie Durbrow

37 Summer Fitness Boot Camp Tips

Here we are in the heat of the summer, are you still a little shy about going to the beach or wearing those tops that might show off your arms a little bit?

Fear not, I’ve got some awesome tips for you to help kick start the rest of your summer and get you rolling in a permanent state of happy, healthy and lean.

You have probably heard my favorite saying, fat loss is SIMPLE but it’s not EASY. The thing about that is that you have to put in some serious work, but you really only have to focus on a few key things in order to see the success and results.

Here are 37 awesome boot camp and training tips for you to starting implementing N.O.W……

1. Full body circuits are a must when it comes to fat loss. No body building type workouts here where you work one muscle group at a time.

2. Drink lots of water. If you are even 1-2% dehydrated it can affect your fat loss as well as your brain function. Drink 1/2 of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water each day. Ex: 140 pound woman should drink 70 ounces of water.

3. You can’t out train a bad diet. Get your nutrition dialed in.

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Cambridge Fitness Boot Camp- Dead Lifts and Box Jumps

 A fitness boot camp post by Callie Durbrow

Hey what’s up! I hope your week is kicking a$$. So far we’ve had some great boot camp workouts and everyone is really working hard. That’s the bottom line….hard work gets you results. If your workouts have been mediocre then it’s time to step it up. I’m not saying kill yourself with every workout but make sure you are working at a high level, training your entire body and keeping really excellent form.

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Thinking About Insanity? Try Boot Camp Instead

A fitness boot camp post by Cambridge expert Callie Durbrow

In the last few years all of the craze in fitness has been that of Insanity and P90X. This is not going to be a post to completely bash them (well, maybe a little) but I just want to get the word out there about some potential issues.

The Insanity workouts were created by trainer Shaun T. Yeah, you can start calling me Callie D. I think….

These workouts are heralded as the “hardest workouts on the planet.” Well congratulations, Shaun T, you can make people tired. Any joe-shmo can do that….

Cambridge fitness boot camps or Insanity

The thing about Insanity that’s appealing to people is that you can do the workouts in your home, it’s a follow along system and you even have a fitness test to measure your progress. Plus these guys are pretty awesome marketers. I’m not doubting that Insanity workouts but I don’t believe that it works for the right reasons or for everyone. Here’s why…

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Cambridge Personal Trainer’s Sunday Fun-Day

A Sunday training post by Cambridge personal trainer Callie Durbrow

Hey what’s up, it’s Sunday afternoon and I just got back from a nice relaxing morning. I went over to my gym for an intense metabolic training session and then followed that up with a trip to my friend’s pool. It was a beautiful day so it was perfect to lay out and get some sun plus catch up on some marketing stuff that I had loaded on my iPod.

If you wanna follow along with me on my day then check out this video….

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

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