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The Top 51 Exercises for Getting Lean and Tight

I have a million exercises in my database. That database is both literal and figurative. I have a huge spreadsheet of exercises and then of course I’ve got the ol’ brain. So, obviously I have to rely on the spreadsheet because I forget A LOT of stuff icon smile The Top 51 Exercises for Getting Lean and Tight

Today I want to give you my top 51 exercises for getting lean, tight and totally bad ass. Check these out and make sure you add them into your training routine:

1-Arm DB Row

Barbell Overhead Press

Battling Ropes

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Top Seven Ways to Avoid Cardio and Get Lean

Cardio is lame. If you want to get kinda soft, waste a ton of time at the gym and be bored out of your mind then it’s awesome.

Otherwise, lame.

I’ve written about this before…..

—>Burn Fat Faster, Move Faster

—>Cambridge Training versus Steady State Cardio….Who Wins?

So, I’ve made my point and today I want to give you the top seven ways to avoid cardio and get lean (and bad ass).

#1 Way to Avoid Cardio- Battling Ropes


#2 Way to Avoid Cardio- Agility Ladder

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Conditioning and Strength Complex at Durbrow Performance

Hey, I hope you’re having a great week. This week has been all about Barbell Complexes. I want you to give these workouts a try because they are tough and they just flat out get you results. It’ll give your body a little different type of challenge and it’s a great complement to your regular strength workouts. Use these once or twice per week in place of traditional conditioning and you’ll see a huge increase in how your body looks and feels.

Here are the two complexes I shared with you earlier in the week….

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Somerville Personal Trainer- Complexes for Strength

Barbell complexes are one of my favorite tools for conditioning and strength. It’s a quick hitter of a training session, you can be done in 20-30 minutes and it can be totally tailored for any fitness level.

One of my favorite complexes (I’ve talked about this one before) is a full body session with five exercises.

Romanian Dead Lift (RDL)
Bent Over Row
Hang Clean
Front Squat
Push Press

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Barbell Complexes for Fat Loss and Strength

Howdy from Vegas again!

Last night after our meetings my buddy AJ took us to a Cirque du Soleil show down on the strip. I have never been to one before and really had no idea what to expect, but it was freakin’ incredible.

Of course being a fitness professional I was totally impressed with the physiques on all the performers and some of their moves were absolutely unreal. At one point there was a guy suspended about 20 feet in the air on a skinny little pendulum thing, balancing upside down one one arm, basically in an inverted push up. It was nuts.

It’s Wednesday morning and I just finished up a training sesh at Gold’s Gym down the street.

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