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Cambridge Personal Training Core Workout

A core workout post by Cambridge personal training expert Callie Durbrow


How to Train Your Core Properly and Why You Should Never Do Crunches


Welcome back to the ultimate Cambridge personal training resource for fat loss. I wanted to talk with you today about core training. I got a ton of comments on Facebook last week when I posed a question about what struggles people face in fitness.

So many people wanted to know about core training. Not only for fat loss but also to help reduce injury. I had a friend mention that she’s in physical therapy now after doing some funky twisting exercises. I also have a friend who coaches high school lacrosse and he wanted to help them with their performance. That’s where core training is crucial because no matter what your goals are, you MUST have a strong core or your results will suffer.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the actual exercises, I want you to understand the anatomy of the core. Think of a tree trunk….all of the roots are grounded at the bottom but it’s very heavy at the top with all the branches and leaves. What holds that up? The middle (or core) of the tree. If that’s not solid, it falls over. So here’s where a lot of folks miss the boat (not you though, because you read my stuff 🙂

Don’t think of your core as just your abs. Your core is your abdominals, your transverse abdominals (deep abdominal muscles that attach directly to the spine), your obliques (twisting muscles), lower back, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes (butt muscles) and your hip flexors (front of the hip). All of these muscles must be strong and able to work together. If one link in the chain in weak you are setting yourself up for potential injury. It may not be today or tomorrow at the gym, but over time your body breaks down.

When you perform crunches and sit ups, you are targeting your abdominal muscles only but leaving out the ever important lower back and transverse abdominals. You are also performing a lot of unnecessary flexion of the spine which can put too much pressure on the lower back and neck.

Instead we want to focus on the primary task of the core…stabilizing the spine. Here are some of the movements to add into your program in order to increase your core strength and help you lose fat faster because your workouts will be more efficient.

1. Planks (standard plank, side plank, elevated feet, single arm reach, single arm and leg reach)

2. Turkish Get Ups

3. Kettlebell Swings

4. Push Ups

5. Hip Bridges (on the floor or the ball)

6. Battling Ropes

7. Power Wheel

The last two exercises you’ll see in this awesome video. I did these two movements along with some squats and kettlebell presses and my core was super sore the next day….

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRznoODhrkk[/pro-player]


Leave me a comment about what your favorite core exercise is!

Cambridge Personal Training Ultimate Grocery Shopping List

A grocery shopping post by Cambridge personal training expert Callie Durbrow

How to Grocery Shop the Healthy Way


Hey, I hope you had an awesome weekend. Mine was great, on Friday I got to hang out with one of my best friends and we just hung out and watched Jersey Shore on the DVR (you know you love that show, come on) and then on Saturday it was my cheat day so I had some of my favorite guilty foods….jelly beans (I love sugary candy) and some serious pizza. Before I had all my junk food we took a trip to the grocery store and stocked up on all the healthy eats for the upcoming week.

That’s our actual grocery cart, notice that there’s a lot of fruit, veggies, protein (chicken and lean grass fed beef), peanut butter, yogurt, almond milk and protein powder (Nick was out of his).

I wanted to give you a couple of tips for really healthy and efficient grocery shopping:

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Cambridge Personal Trainer: Train Your Abs Without a Single Crunch

An abs training post by Cambridge personal trainer Callie Durbrow

Are You Going About Your Ab Training the Wrong Way?


Hey, I hope you are doing awesome and you are feeling great when it comes to your workouts, nutrition and your daily lifestyle. We’re on day #24 on the Cambridge Personal Trainer 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge.

I got a bunch of questions this past week about ab training. It’s a pretty common thing, everyone wants a tight mid-section and we all want to kick that extra flab around the middle, right?


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Cambridge Personal Training 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 27

A fat loss post by Cambridge personal training expert Callie Durbrow

Belly Fat Blasting Breakfast

If you want to burn the fat off your belly you need to burn THIS into your brain first.

Eat breakfast.

Look, you can make fat loss as difficult as you like. You can make it out to be super complicated if you so choose.

But one of the easiest things you can do to start melting the fat off your frame is to start eating a breakfast that boosts your metabolism and sets the tone for fat loss all day long.

Now, there’s a very good chance you’re shaking your head in agreement with me, but saying something like, “That’s great. I know that. But what the heck do I eat?”

Glad you asked 😉

Here are three simple fat fighting breakfasts….

1- Cottage cheese mixed with real fruit

2- Hard boiled egg and yogurt mixed with real fruit

3- 2 pieces of fruit and a scrambled egg wrap

So, those are super easy and delicious breakfasts to boost up that metabolism and help your body burn fat fast….

Cambridge Personal Training 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 26

A fat loss post by Cambridge personal training expert Callie Durbrow

Chocolate-Banana-Peanut Butter Protein Shake

Yep you read that right, chocolate and peanut butter together….it’s glorious, probably the best union of food ever. And the best part is that this is a super healthy shake you can use for breakfast or any other meal replacement.

For this I recommend Prograde Protein because it’s the highest quality whey protein out there today, but you can easily use any of your choice in protein.

½ a ripe banana (use a very ripe banana for the best banana flavor),
1 tablespoon natural peanut butter,
¾ c. skim milk or almond milk
½ scoop Prograde Lean Chocolate Meal Replacement.



Calories:  304 (less if you use almond milk)
Fat (grams): 9 grams
Protein (grams): 19 grams
Carbs (grams): 37 grams
Fiber (grams): 5 grams

The 9 grams of fat comes from the all-natural peanut butter and consists primarily of healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

Stay tuned for another awesome recipe tomorrow, leave me a comment if you tried this shake!

Cambridge Personal Trainer 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 25

A fat loss post by Cambridge personal trainer Callie Durbrow

Ultimate Tabata Body Weight Workout

Hey, I hope you’re having an awesome day and you are feeling great about your body and your progress over the last 24 days. Here we are on Day #25, almost to the end of the 30 day challenge.

The thing is, you don’t want to stop after 30 days because training, eating right and getting into awesome shape is a complete life long process. Even my most fit clients still train hard 2-3 days per week with me and do some interval workouts on their own.

If you really want to lose fat and push your body beyond it’s normal limits (this is super hard to do on your own) then check this out…. Cambridge Personal Trainer Ultimate Fat Loss

But back to the task at hand, today I want to give you another awesome workout that you can do right at home, in the gym, outside or wherever….

This is a Tabata workout, it will take you literally 12 minutes and trust me, you’ll be smoked by the end. Check it out….

Cambridge Personal Trainer 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 24

A fat loss post by Cambridge personal trainer Callie Durbrow

Cambridge Personal Trainer Body Weight Workout

Hey, welcome back to Day #24 of the Cambridge personal trainer 30 day fat loss challenge. Yesterday I hooked you up with a great snack recipe….today I want to show you an awesome body weight workout that you can do right in your own living room, or in the gym, whatever you prefer.

For this workout you’ll perform 5 different exercises to work your entire body and not only tighten up some lean, toned muscle but also get a serious cardio workout because by the time you finish the circuit, your heart will be pumping.

Be sure to really focus on your form and keep your core super tight (pretend someone is punching you in the stomach, that’s how you tighten it up). Remember, go at your own pace and as you get fitter you can advance it with more sets, using dumbbells and moving through the workout faster.

Leave me a quick comment about how this workout felt for you…..enjoy!

Cambridge Personal Trainer 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 23

A fat loss post by Cambridge Personal Trainer Callie Durbrow

A Healthy, Protein Packed Snack

Hey, welcome back to the Cambridge Personal Trainer fat loss challenge…..yesterday I hooked you up with an awesome and healthy mexican dish that you can create for dinner or lunch.

Today I want to help you out with a snack idea. This can be used for mid-morning or mid-afternoon and it’s packed with protein and fiber to keep you nice and full.

So many people miss the boat on snacking (I don’t mean the vending machine variety) so I want to make sure you’re doing it the right way with lots of protein, fiber, fruits and veggies.

All of my personal training clients love the Chobani Greek Yogurt so check out the video below and see just how we mix it up and make it taste awesome (without tons of sugar)

Leave me a quick comment about your favorite healthy snack, I love the new ideas….

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I’ll be giving you a couple of fat blasting, body sculpting workouts that you can do with virtually no equipment. See ya then 🙂

30 Day Fat Loss Challenge & Cambridge Personal Training: Day 22

A Cambridge personal training post by Callie Durbrow

A Healthy Lunch to Boost Your Metabolism and Help You Lose Fat Faster

Hey hey, Callie Durbrow back here with the 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge & Cambridge Personal Training. I get so many questions from my training clients, people on the blog and Facebook about what they should eat for meals. I train a lot of people that have struggled with cooking healthy meals and it can be a real challenge.

I don’t really love to cook, I love to eat and eat healthy but I’m not one to spend hours in the kitchen so I like things that are simple and easy to prepare. I’m a big fan of leftovers too and there’s nothing wrong with making a big batch of something and having it for lunch during the week.

If you really wanna lose fat and torch those extra inches around the middle, you’ve got to eat a healthy and balanced diet. When I say balanced I mean lots of protein, fruits, veggies, nuts and some whole grains. Get the majority of carbs from fruits and veggies and get away from the starches.

Over at my exclusive Cambridge training page I wanted to hook you up with a video of me, in the kitchen, preparing a healthy and really spicy mexican meal that you can use for lunch (or dinner). It takes all of 20 minutes to prep and then the leftover prep takes like 3 minutes…

Check it out and leave me a comment about what your favorite quick and easy meal is….stay tuned for tomorrow where I’ll hook you up with a high protein, low sugar and great tasting mid-day snack. See ya then!

Cambridge personal training fat blasting healthy lunch….

Cambridge Personal Training 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 21

A fat loss post by personal training expert Callie Durbrow

3 Exercises to Sculpt and Tighten Your Butt

Hey, welcome to Day #21 of the 30 Day Cambridge Fat Loss Challenge.

Did you see yesterday’s post? I hooked you up with 17 metabolism boosting snacks that are super easy to prepare. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here….

Cambridge personal training healthy snacks

Today here’s a cool video for you. I know you want to tighten and sculpt your butt right? If you really want to make a huge change then you have to start doing some strength training…..

Check out this video where I show you 3 awesome exercises to sculpt and tone your butt….

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