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Are you feeling flabby, tired and starting to lose your confidence day by day?

Here’s the deal, we get it. We know everyone wants to lose weight and tone up, that’s no secret. But the real reason that hundreds of local women come to see us is for what we can do beyond just the weight loss and lean, tight muscle development.

You want to feel strong, powerful and more confident, right?

You want someone to walk you through the process instead of just leaving you hanging to “figure it out” in the other 23 hours that you’re not in the gym.

We’ll take care of you from A to Z. You no longer have to struggle to piece together the dozens and dozens of options that are out there. You also no longer have to jump from one workout plan to the next, wondering if this will be THE one.

We’ve got you covered. Why?

Because we’ve been there. We get the struggle and we KNOW that it’s more than just “eat less and work out.”

Our Stories

durbrow-performance-callieI always grew up playing sports and even though I didn’t know it at the time, I was always training. My dad was really big on being prepared and he taught me the one thing you could always control was how fit you were. This translated well for me in sports and as I finished my athletic career, it translated even more into life.

Growing up I was shy and quiet, but sports and fitness were my outlet. I didn’t have to reveal a lot, I just had to be good when it was game time.

I started the Durbrow Performance family because I remember the motivation and camradre that came from working as a team during my years of athletics. There’s nothing like it when you’re an adult and you usually work out on your own or struggling to figure out how to really get results.

Our training family brings out the best in you. We truly believe you have much more than you’re capable of and we’ll be there to push you and show you exactly how you can do that.

I work out and train because it helps me be a better version of myself. I’m less anxious and I can be a better wife and business owner. It gives me confidence, a sense of purpose and pushes my mental toughness.

I live in Westford with my husband Nick and enjoy spending time with my nephew and my goddaughter.

Callie Durbrow

durbrow-performance-emilyI have been a trainer at DPT since 2011. I train at DPT because of the people, their potential, and the FUN. We laugh, we sweat and we do work, lots of it.

Working in the environment where you get to see people over comes obstacles and challenges their limits, makes getting out of bed (even at 3am) easy.

I am not about the push ups or the six-packs. Those are the end results and they are great but I’m about the journey to get there. The journey, the struggle that builds resilience, strength and confidence.

I want people to feel alive, enthusiastic about why they are and confident. Exercise can literally transform lives. I believe in my clients, their ability to change, grow and accomplish great things.

When people start thinking about being limitless and let go of their limiting beliefs, their body health and happiness opens up and I want a front row seat to see it.

I lost someone that I love because they didn’t know how to take care of themselves. They could not get healthy, could not move and they lost their battle. I work every day to help prevent anyone else from going down this path. We all have a choice and I do what I do to get people to understand the power of that choice.

I work out to be the best version of me. I never ask clients to do anything that I don’t demand of myself. I hate workouts sometimes and love them on other days. But I understand that they all count when I put in the time, sweat and effort.

At heart I will always be a chubby little fat girl but for an hour or two I can put her away and set a new expectation of my body. My workouts provide mental clarity, toughness and stress relief.

I live in Derry, NH with my husband Adam, son Benjamin and dog Emit.

Emily Boynton

durbrow-performance-billI’ve been a member of the DP family since 2013 but actually my whole life since Callie is my sister 🙂

The atmosphere that we have created here is one where we work very hard but also have fun at the same time.  Everyone knows everyone, there are jokes going around all the time (sometimes even during our rest period) but when the workouts start we push to get the most out of our clients.

I have always been into sports and fitness since a very young age. I was always making up new workouts or drills on my own to try to better myself for sports. I played pretty much every sport growing up and then decided to focus on basketball, playing that for all 4 years of college.

Working with the Durbrow Performance family has really made me open up and grow as a person but more importantly watching our clients improve and reach their goals has been the most rewarding.

They make it very easy to get up early every morning knowing they are trying to improve their health and fitness. It is a great feeling when you see someone conquer one of their goals no matter how big or small and they thank you for having a tiny part in it.  

I live in Manchester NH with my fiance Heather, son Daniel and dogs Ruby and Pongo.

Bill Durbrow

I enjoy helping others. Having grown up with a nurse as a mother, I have always wanted to help people like she does every day. I specifically like helping people with their fitness and nutrition goals.

I also love competing. Sports have always been a big part of my life.  I have found being a part of a team in order to succeed is rewarding. Reaching personal goals is great, but helping others tackle their own goals is definitely a driving force for me.

Along with fitness, I am a firm believer in proper nutrition. I realized in college that I needed to do more for my body to stay in shape other than just exercising. It’s important to keep your body healthy both inside and out.

This former small town Vermont girl is a lover of burpees, black labs and friendly people. I am excited to be a part of such a great team.


Fitness was always a part of my life even before I was old enough to participate in organized sports. As a kid, it was normal to spend Saturday mornings at the local track or park watching my parents run laps, climb the bleachers or do push ups. They set a great example for my sister and I by living healthy, active lives and that led to my love of sports and all types of fitness.

I graduated from Keene State College in 2011 with a degree in Exercise Science. Since then, I have coached a wide 

variety of people, children as young as 7 years old to adults 70+ years old and everyone in between - including Division 1 college athletes and adults who have never exercised a day in their life.

No matter where you start, fitness is about doing your best and accomplishing goals you may have previously thought were out of reach. I’m here to remind you that they are within reach, and we can even have fun in the process of attaining them! I am grateful to be able to help others on their journey!

I am originally from Westwood, New Jersey. I moved to Boston 3 years ago and have lived in Charlestown ever since.

Justine Waage

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